Gathering with my 5Fs on a weekend!

Oh my god! Days and days that i am not blogging as frequent.

Last weekend I had a date with my poly friends. We were supposed to do potluck but somehow it ended that one of my friend was doing all the cooking. During noon, we went to her house to eat her home cook curry magee noodles. It was a healthy meal as she used yogurt instead of coconut. I did my fair share as well; I brought along my home made jelly for them to try. Little Chloe (my friend's daughter) loves it as she kept coming for more.

There was so much to catch up that we even couldn't much talk all about it in a day. It was nice to coop up at her cosy home, chatting away the whole afternoon.

And this is us, with friendship of 10 years. These 10 years indeed change us a lot.

and the year dated back to 2009! Mei Ching, it was how we were like 6 years ago!

And we will always be 5F!

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