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Haven been blogging for 1 -2 weeks...

It was a rough week for me and my family last week. I was on my new job for a month but my mum, was in hospital for a week. As much as we were trying tokeep the news within our family, somehow news spread and the rest of my relative got to know it. Almost all of my family went to visit and accompany her after they knew she was hospitalized. There will always be constant supply of food for her since all of us were afraid that she didn't like hospital food.

As days passed, she is definitely looking better and better, far off much better from the last few days she was admitted. Though even so, the doctors never stop telling us how bad her condition was and none of their words  were the same. Each of the doctors she was consulting told us different stories everyday. Even so, my family and I never stop believing that my mum will be healed back to health one day.

And all of us believe she will be..

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