My 26th Birthday Part 2 : The White Rabbit

After a family meal at Linda's house, I went to the Matsui Hair Salon for my hair treatment. My hair has been breaking these days as it is too dry. They are currently having 30% off for during July and hence , i had decided on them.

The hair treatment cost $128. With 30% off, it cost about $90. Also, I was informed that with any hair treatment done, hair cut will be only half price!

After our hair treatment, Love was taking me to somewhere for dinner. I didn't know where we were heading as he did not tell me where dinner would be. Slowly, he was driving up Dempsey Hill.

He parked his car at :

The White Rabbit

There isn't a big sign board saying: The White Rabbit but one can tell from its building. I think The White Rabbit is the only restaurant which has a Church like theme.

You look comical in this photo love...

The interior is huge and dark. The lights weren't that bright but visible. They are trying to portray an atmosphere which stimulate romance. Well, being in romance means that you do not have to see your partner too clearly, kinda like a myopia haha! 

Fine dining~

I didn't take much photos since i did not bring my camera along. 

It may be just a bread. But the bread they served is a hot piping one, I have never tasted such a delicious bun alright! Never reject when they are trying to serve you. you might end up asking for more.

I ordered a cup of tea which comes with a bunny biscuit.

Food was served pretty quick. The potion of the food is just enough and they tasted great. 

Can't remember what dish it is, but i can only remember its called something like lobster pasta. 

Mushroom...? But very niceee too!!

And a...

Seabass....? Haha, seriously, I can't remember the name. I can only remember the taste >.<

Though we only ordered this much, it was enough to keep us full. Love has also ordered a dessert. But the dessert came with a candle..

Thanks for the arrangement bii!

And there... I passed my birthday peacefully this year... ...

Thanks for the photo bii :)

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  1. Hi bii, first main course is Alaska king crab pasta.. 2nd main course is seabream..