Taiwan Trip Day 2 有幸福cafè + Taipei Astronomical Museum + 士林夜市

I had a few days break to my blogging. Day 2 was kinda relaxing too. We woke up naturally and got dressed before going to 有幸福 cafe.

My OOTD. It was about 16 degree and i wore like 3 layer of clothes. I could only layer my clothes in winter.

Took a photo with my brother

And my love

有幸福cafe serves pretty foods. Since we had not had any breakfast, we decided to go there to have brunch. Their brunch weren't like eggs benedict or bread, they served set menu. It was located in a lane near 士林 station Exit 1. Their signature food is 繽紛花園蜜糖吐司 (NT250) but we did not ordered that.

It is located in a small alley near Shilin station.

The entrance of the cafe

They have a good variety of food. 

Introduce their specialties. 

Their creation. Don't all of them look great? But its a pity that i did not try one :(

The interior of the cafe.

We were there early and were their first customer. Slowly, there are more customers walking in. Also, the elderly does enjoy cafe mood too. There are groups of elderly in the cafe, catching up with relatives or friends. How nice would that be if its me. 

A set meal cost about NT280 which includes a soup, a drink, a salad and a main course. Im sure we can't find a meal like $10++ in Singapore. The foods were not that bad. Perhaps our taste buds weren't used to the foods there. But i must say that the pasta is really good.

Dessert . It is a type of jelly. Not sure what flavour it was.

Our next destination was to Taipei Astronomical Museum. It is 15 minutes walk from Shilin station. The reason i chose to go to  Taipei Astronomical Museum was because we didn't have such museum in Singapore. As i was afraid that the museum was crowded, I slot the activity on a weekday to avoid the crowd. But who knows... ...

Not a single soul. Haha. Ok lah, got few of them ok

The reception, lobby , entrance inspector were elderly. It is very nice of the museum to hire the elderly. When we were in the museum, we felt that the whole building was almost deserted. There were no students nor noise, unlike Singapore Science Centre which is always filled with school children. Anyway, we went to catch an hour show in the amphitheater. 

The three of us and a few aunties filled up the 100 seats of  amphitheater. Isn't it cool? Can you imagine how empty the whole museum was? In the end, we spent an hour in the museum, using the toilet more often before we roamed around the night market later. 

The way to amphitheater

The 2 small boys were changing the big note for small one to be used at the night market.

At night, we went to Shilin night market. Though we been there few times, i still love Shilin night market as we can shop and eat at the same time.

Shophouses near Jiantan station

The underground hawker food at Shilin. 

Not bad!

Did not take lots of photo as we were busy biting away the foods on our hands. 

台北市士林區美德街21號1樓(士林捷運)                                                                                               捷運士林1號出口左轉第一個小巷子,再第一個路口右轉就會看到招牌囉

If you would love to visit a music shop, you can go to I Rock.

i.ROCK 愛樂客樂器
111, Taiwan, Taipei City, Shilin District, Zhongzheng Road, 383號                                                Mon - Fri: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Thanks for reading and .....Signing off here!!

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