Hungry Heroes [ Theme Resaurant]

Hi guys, im back to my blogging habits. I had just came home from Taiwan and it was an awesome trip! The weather in Taiwan was very cold but it doesn't affect our holiday mood. This time, we didn't took lots of photos as most of the places were visited during our previous trips. I shall blog about my Taiwan trip soon!

Well, please bear with me.  My recent blog posts have been filled with cafes and food everywhere. Hope you do not feel hungry reading my post. You will regret.

Hungry Heroes is a 2 storey high located among shopshouses and residential area. One will never thought that such a luxury place will be located among run-down shophouses. It was a short walk from Farrer Park MRT. From Exit B, walk down Tessensohn Road for 4-5 minutes until you reach a short stretch of conventional shophouses. They are located in one of those.

From the name of the cafe, it is easy to link Marvel superheroes like Superman, Batman, Thor etc. To suit the theme restaurant, Xiong and I wore our superman top for an extra playful gesture. Sadly, most of his friends did not come with superhero tee-shirt. 

The superheroes

Hungry Heroes was lavishly decorated with most of the superheroes figurines, super model paintings and superheroes newsletter as their place mat. Pictures speak louder than words.

The 2nd floor

The ground level

Hungry Heroes basically serves meats. Heroes need more energy to save the world. They need protein to build muscles and 6 packs. They are macho and they eat meat meat MEAT! If you are the sort of  a veggy person, you might be turned off by their menu.

As most of Xiong's friends do not take vegetables, it was the best place to come. We ordered the meat platter. It was a wholesome piece of meat on the table.

Lamb, beef, chicken and pork. 

This meat platter was shared among the 8 of us. The potion was adequate and no other main dishes were ordered (except side dishes). 

And also, celebrating the birthday boy who turned 25 few days before new year.

33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656
Tel: 6295 5401

Operating Hours
Mon - Thur : 4pm - 11pm
Fri & PH eve: 4pm - 12pm
Sat: 12pm - 12am
Sun & PH: 12pm - 11pm

The 8 superheroes!

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  1. Such a cute place! I also wanna check it out. I LOVE MEAT. wahahahha