Sponsored [ January 2015]

Once again, thanks Glamabox for sponsoring January 2015 box. I am really glad and appreciative that Glamabox had actually sponsored me box after box. Thank you Glamabox! Your products have been awesome!

Each of their products were carefully tested and selected before they ended up in your box monthly. For the month of January, there were more face products as compared to the other months which has an equal distribution of face and body products.

Now, let look inside January Glamabox!

The design for January is simple and not fanciful. 

They have... ...

Face mask, cream, mud , lipgloss etc!!

I shall introduce one by one

JHB Baikal Mineral Mud Powder

JHB Baikal Mineral Mud Powder uses 100% baikal mineral mud which process into refine silky powder state. It helps in whitening, moisturising and deep cleansing. Especially suitable for acne and oily skin.

Instruction: Squeeze  suitable amount and mix with water. Apply a thick layer mixture onto face. Avoid eye and mouth area. Wait for 8-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Cozy - Chinese Herbal foot Bath  Powder

Contains herbs which can clear away heat and eliminates dampness, balance bodies function, keep spleen and stomach healthy, relief insomnia.

Instructions: Prepare a decoration with ingredients and directly into warm water, keep water temperature 36~ 43 degree and soak for 20 minutes.

Fu Rei Ka  - En-Hydrogel Mask 

Contains bird's nest extract for supplying collagen for skin and reduce skin problems. Hyaluronic acid to moisture skin elasticity. Epidermal Growth Facror (EGF) repel rough skin, dull and sallow issues. Has a variety of natural plants ingredients which soothe, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial efficacy of repair. Good for sensitive and acne prone skin. 

Instructions: Apply after cleansing face. Remove 20-40 minutes then massage face until fully absorbed.

1. Collection - Hot Light Lip Gloss

Non sticky lip gloss which give an shimmering effect. Pair well with a base colour before you add the lip gloss over your lips. This lip gloss is special as it came with build in light and mirror. You don't have to be afraid to touch up your makeup in the dark!

2. Malissa Kiss - Mineral Aqua Mud Foam

Detoxifies and moisturize your skin at the same time. Washes away impurities that renew skin and restore radiance, clarity and supplement. Suitable for all skin types.

Instructions: Gentle foaming with skin, put on face on circular motion before rinsing off with water. 

 3. Libote - Sakura Moisture Cream

Contains extract essence from the famous Shuzenji in Japan Hot Spring water and ingredients which lock moisture to your skin. Also, the unique thing about this product was that it has ultra fine particles of collagen which can rapidly penetrate into skin, reducing appearance of fine lines. This cream is so unique. Upon application, there are fine particles of water, After a few rubs more, I can feel that the my skin had fully absorbed the cream.

I took micro lens to take the few shots below.
Apply the product on my hand to test

Look at the ultra fine water particles 

Appearance of my skin after application. Can you see supple my skin was after application?

Instructions: Put the cream on hand, then circle the cream with fingertips until the water drops comes out. Apply the drops over entire face until water water drops are fully absorbed. 

1. Malissa Kiss - Whitening Collagen Cream Mask

Overnight highly concentrated cream mask which renew skin and restore radiance and clarity. Formulated with ingredients which diminishes the appearance of pores, support skin nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.

Instructions:   Apply after cleansed face.

2. Clinique - Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

Rich, oil free cream gel which pumps 24 hr hydration. Instantly redydrates, help repair skin moisture barrier over time.

Instructions: Apply on entire face until cream is fully absorbed.

Didn't all the products look so amazing? Especially the Libote Sakura Moisture Cream? This is really my first time when i encounter such cream. Also, i love the lipgloss so much ! As my lips were more of purple, the lip gloss dresses my lips very well. If you  would like to receive new products, you can view their website by clicking the picture below!

Click me!!

Once again, thanks for reading and im signing off !!

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