Taiwan Trip Day 3 五分铺 + 饒河夜市

Day 3 was really simple. I had planned shopping at 五分铺 on the third day as i want to avoid crowd on weekend. 

In the early morning, we went up early to go 胡须张. There are few outlets and the one we would be going to at the one near  后山碑 station.

Staying near the metro is just great! You can travel to most of the places by their metro. Also, their metro is not as crowded as Singapore MRT, you can have a personal space between you and stranger. We traveled to  后山碑 and walked out of Exit 1. 胡须张 is just located across the road. With their big signboard, you will never miss it. 

And we ordered the usual... ...


If you had never tried their sauce, you will regret! After finishing our meal, i bought 6 packets of the ready packed sauce to bring home. After that we walk to 五分铺 to shop~~

Even after lunch, most of the shops were not opened. We had to roam about for 1 or 2 hours after before they are opened.

Woman would go crazy this place but not the guys. As it was the winter, the clothes were not suitable for us. In the midst of those winter clothes, i managed to find a few shops clearing summer clothes. Most of the shops were selling at about NT200~ 300. If you convert the amount back to SGD, one dress would probably cost you SGD10++. If you were lucky enough, you can find some good quality clothes at NT150. But!!   五分铺 is not a place for accessories. Even when i had walked for few hours, i did not see one accessories shop. Most of my accessories were bought from night market.

And the 2 males? They were just walking blindly, following the stretch of road ahead (kinda like one way route). But my brother managed to buy a pair of pants. And they cost like NT500 for 1 for 1? He had quite a few good buys but he was short of cash pretty fast. 

Near evening, we felt that it was time to leave for the night market. As 饒河夜市 was also near   五分铺, we decided to walked over. We walked past 松山 Metro station and after 5 minutes, we arrived at the entrance of  饒河夜市. 

We walked for a while, walked and eat whatever which interests us... ... 饒河街胡椒餅 is one food which you have to eat. It is just in front of the entrance and again, very hard to miss it.

After eating , the boys saw a game shop and both just walked in. They had enough of woman activities in the afternoon and was time to find their own activity.

Nice chicken!

饒河夜市 is probably one of the night market which i love to go. They have mini game shops and equal distribution of clothes and foods. 

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