Feast@East Afternoon Tea Buffet

Last Sunday, we celebrated Mothers Day at Feast@East. I came across their website on internet when i googled "high tea buffet Singapore". Though it is not "High Tea" like those Tai-Tai enjoyed, but it serves reasonable afternoon tea between 3pm-5pm. Its a Peranakan cuisine like Laksa, Mee Siam, Kueh, Nasi Lemak and some other classic Singapore food. Take a look at their menu here!

Their price was also affordable (1 pax $22++) as compared to other places in Singapore. A typical buffet in hotel would usually cost me about $40 and above for a decent one.

As our family usually slept till late on Sunday, I thought that it might be best to have our brunch after 3pm. So on Saturday, i called them up to reserve a table for 7.

Their place is located at level 3 Grand Mercure Roxy Singapore, just opposite Marine Parade.

If you are parking at Roxy Square, remember to walk out of the building and walk towards Marine Parade directions.  Otherwise, you will have hard time finding your way there.

Once you entered, take the escalator to the 3rd floor. It will guide you to Feast@East.

(Click here to go to website)

The entrance 

The pretty Nyonya outfit.

Surprisingly, the restaurant wasn't fully occupied. Perhaps no one actually eat food during that hour (except us :| ) . 

See how empty it was!

Start my day with Mee Siam. It was very delicious! My dad had about 2-3 bowls of it. Has nice fragrance.

A pity that i did not try the Laksa. But those who tried it said that it was good too! And some of my family preferred Laksa to Mee Siam. I should have tried :(

They also had:



Chicken Karaage (I named it). Passable 

Chicken Sausage

Lobster ball. 



Fruits station 

Nasi lemak! The rice has a strong aroma of coconut smell! Very nice! * Thumbs up*

Durian cake. The durain is sandwiched by a thin layer of sponge cake and cream. I could have a few slices if only my stomach allows... ...

They had sandwiches and soups as well.

Ice Cream cone. It is so delightful just by looking at such foods. Don't they remind you of your childhood?!

They even had potong!

Wafers, mash-mellows, sweets and other biscuits *Happy*

Waffles. Use them to go with your ice cream :X

At first, i thought these snacks can be eaten too. But when i got close enough, it says " Just for Display only". *Disappointed* 

Just remind me of my childhood

My grandpa used to have this machine to make ice kachang.  

Aww.... my food :(


To be frank, the foods are actually not that bad. They have very nice Mee Siam, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, durian cake, kuehs, ice cream etc. However, they had definitely very limited choices as you can see. For $22++ per pax, I actually feel that its good enough, even though it adds up to about $29 per persons. For the quality of the foods (those which i mentioned), I have to say that it is worth trying. The very next day, my dad was asking me : When are we going back again huh? O.O

The picture says all! Feast@East is currently having these prices for buffets.


Level 3, Grand Mecure Roxy Singapore
50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square
(Opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre)
Singapore 428769
Tel: 6340 5665

Operating Hours

Breakfast: 06:00 - 10:30am Daily
Lunch: 12:00pm - 02:30pm (Monday - Sunday)
Dinner: 06:00 - 09:30pm Daily

Not forgetting to wish the two mothers Happy Mothers Day

My Mum and Sis

My elder sis!

Alright! Signing off here !