Reminiscing my past

After a day's work, i reached home during the late evening. It was just another typical day for a working adult, or to say, a newly graduate working adult (i was out of school for 2 years only!).

During dinner, I had a little convo with my granny. She said to me that 'you have to eat more, women will stop growing at age 25'. I told her that ' I had already stopped growing when i was 21, otherwise i wouldn't be that short'. I know that any further talks will lead to more allegations and so, i didn't continue.

The number 25, tells me that i had lived a quarter of 100 (No one in Singapore will really live up to 100). No doubt that my birthday isn't over, I will still be 25 soon.

Face it. This is life.

For all the 25s, kudos to you! We lived the life of hide and seek, 5 stones, hopscotch, and some things like 'country bombed (don't know where lah)' whatever we can think of. We lived through the internet where my floppy disk could only hold 2 games in it. Before eject button was invented, everything was done manually. I remember i had to open my game using a list of commands such as C: , C:/GAME, and DIR to open a list of games. I was only about 4-5 years old. Then digimon came along and took Singapore in a wave.

I begged my dad to buy one for me when i was 7 years old and i played it together with my PAP friends. I remembered it cost about $10 (was a lot of money in the past) for my red 1st gen digimon. I hid it from mum because i know she will kill me and my dad. And so i used my 1st gen digi to fight with other friends (who had already upgraded his digi to gen 4?! ) till i was about 10 years old.

I was once in the netball but i can no longer mention that because right now i am just a vain, sport-less person.

Peacefully passed my PSLE, my 'O' Levels. Met my bestie from the good secondary school days  and remained contact till since. I got through my poly and met my current bf. As you got older, you will have fewer friends. And that was true. When i was in uni, i had only 2-3 other friends who stayed together throughout my 3 years. Life in uni was even worst; we had assignments going on all the time and when you know you had handed in your assignments, it is time that your exams are near.

But the day when you put on the square hat (mortarboard), every pain you went through was worth it.

And the working life begins until i retire... ...

It was only merely 2 years since i started working. Life was good when you had money but definitely faced lots of other problems like your pay increment, work-life balance, marriage, housing etc. I had seen friends staying on to work though the job wasn't exceptionally good while i've seen other who job hop for their own benefits. 25 is also the age where i will start thinking for my future and setting my priorities right.

For me, I think i am still a happy 25-ier as i felt that my life is full. I, still have a long way ahead.


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