Vivian and David are Married!

One short post for my colleague!

Last Saturday, i had attended my colleague's wedding at Keppel Bay. She is my second colleague i knew of since i started work and i looked upon her as my elder sis at work. I was really glad that we were all able to attend her once-in-a-lifetime event.

The wedding hall was held at Keppel Bay. I was there quite early (The venue was not yet decorated!), so Xiong and I walked around to take some photos

See how pretty it is!

By the pool side

Seriously! I look fat now

After some 30 minutes of loitering, the groom and bride came finally!

They are ready to walk in.

And thank god! It was a perfect weather. After the bride and groom settled down, we walked to the other side to take more photos of them. The solemnisation emcee was a lady. As there was no mic, we couldn't hear exactly what she was saying, but i know, the words are usually filled with warmth, love and promise which will make you feel emotional. It was the most touching moment when each of them say their vow in front of his/her lifetime partner.

Exchanging vows


The Lee and Eng family ^^

After the solemnisation was over, we moved to the wedding venue. The wedding hall was so pretty!


Wedding Hall

Slowly, one by one walked in. Most of my colleagues were there on the dock. By 7,30pm, our table was already filled up. By 8.10pm, the newly wedded couple marched in. That was when the foods were served few minutes later. We were hungry but my boss was more hungry for wine and 白酒。I had more wine then food that night. 

52% alcohol. And we just drank it purely without mixing with other drinks. And you can imagine how it burns when the liquid runs through your throat to the stomach. But it feels good somehow O.O

So one by one we toast each other. After few rounds, we got a bit high and our noises were getting louder. We finished the 白酒 rather fast and we began having red wine. Who knows in the mid of the happiness... tipsy... I suddenly heard my name. For no reason, i got up (without much thought) and walked to the stage. 

Initially, i thought there was no throwing of bouquet as the solemnisation was over. I never expect that it was done during the midst of the wedding dinner. And i walked to the stage (steadily i think), and announced my another colleague to come up too. 

All the single ladies were there gathering for the tradition.

Luckily, i didn't get the bouquet but the girl standing next to me got it. *Phew!*

And we went back to have more drinking afterwards.

Me, Kris, Fion, Yang Jing and Xuyi. 

I had quite a fair bit of alcohol when i took the photo. Thanks to the lightning, my face appeared to be blue than red.

We enjoyed the whole wedding dinner (thanks to alcohol!). When the dinner ended, it was already 11pm. Xiong fetched some of my colleagues home. He was the only one who was very alert as he did not have any alcohol.

And some photos of that night.

The two guys in my company! Like brothers!

My colleague's daughter. My god! She is so cute lah! 

See how red i had became. 

2 cute girls *Shameless me (thanks!)*

And our company ladies. Finally had the time to take photo with the bride. Missed out the time to take more photos with her :( 

Happy Marriage and may the both of you let us carry one toddler next year!! ^^



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