Ponggol Choon Seng Seafood

A blogger doesn't say the good stuffs only, there are bad stuffs as well.

Just last Saturday, Xiong's family and I went to Ponggol Choon Seng Seafood to celebrate Mother's Day. If you had googled about this chinese restaurant, they are actually famous for their chilli crab, ngoh hiang and mee goreng. As their family is a vivid lover of seafood, they decided to patronize this restaurant for their chilli crab.

The place was actually quite secluded in a corner off Changi. It is totally inaccessible without car. Most customers drive in because there is totally no bus stop nearby. The parking lot was really small and you have to wait for the next available lot (unless you don't mind parking just along the road outside the restaurant). At one glance, i thought that the food must have been great which explains the waiting time for parking lot.

To my contrary, the restaurant actually looks very westernize.

The entrance

The lamps

Westernize fixtures

Wine shelves

Their menu was a A3 size laminated paper which lists all their foods in one page. There was no drinks menu served to us and so we ordered chrysanthemum tea. In total, we ordered 6-7 dishes.

 Prawn Egg $15

Verdict: This dish could never go wrong. But there isn't many prawns as i had expected and they charged $15 for... this?!

Sea bass $36

Verdict: Fish was overcooked and there was no meat towards the end of tail. Is seabass supposed to be like this?! Someone please enlighten me.

Kang Kong $12

Verdict: Nothing special. Typical chilli plus kang kong only. Felt that the chilli and kang kong do not compliment each other. 

Minced meat and pickled beancurd $12

Verdict: One of the better dish i had. The minced pork was good and so as the bean curd. I have no complaints about.  

Baby Squid $18

Verdict: Crunchy but gives off a bitter taste. I had less than 5 pieces of this but felt that this is still alright (I am not into sotong actually).  

Shrimp Paste Chicken $8

Verdict: Taste as how all Shrmp Paste Chicken should taste. Not very bad but could be better.

Chilli Crab $61.60

Verdict: Just nice enough for a table for 6. Any extra people will not get to enjoy additional piece. Seriously, their chilli crab wasn't any (great in the first place) to be mentioned of. The crab wasn't fresh. I believed it was frozen when they cooked this dish. And most importantly, the sauce! The sauce ... tasted really normal. No WOW factor or anything which could make me remember the taste.

Additional pointers:

  1. Staffs are not helpful at all. Pretended to ignore us even though we were within their sight. It was obvious as it had happened too many times. When they served you, there was no smiles, nothing at all, like we owe them money. Most of them are middle aged ladies. 
  2. The foods were served very slow. If a slow eater (like me) complains, you can just imagine how slow they served their food.  
  3. Inaccessible location. Hard to get parking lots
  4. Expensive yet not satisfying.

Total Bill

$221.75 for 6 of us

So far, this is one of the Not-So-Good restaurant I've been to. Not only for their bad services, they had generally bad food and bad prices. I felt that $221.75 doesn't justify for the foods we had and neither all of us felt it was well-spent. Perhaps this restaurant was once the best seafood in Singapore but it is no longer anymore. I had also did a search on other people review on this restaurant. None of them really turned out to be good.

If you really want to know if my words were true, try them out at

Choon Seng Seafood Restaurant 
23A/B Turnhouse Road
Singapore 507760
Tel: 6546 5251



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