New Year 2014

Happy Chinese New Year guys!

Its been 2 weeks since my update already. Chinese New year was my busiest day for that damned 20 years. It's a time where my relatives would come for steamboat and food, where my mum would go to different markets, when my dad would clean up the house and when i would help in doing all the stuffs. This year was no different. Besides helping my mum over preparation of goods, i would also play with my younger cousins. It got worst when there is one less helper as my sister was married last year.

I told my dad that mum couldn't do this every year. He ought to understand that. So hopefully next year, we will just have buffet for reunion dinner. That's all. If im rich, i would bring her to other countries to escape from all these troubles.

The eve and 1st  day of Lunar New Year were just busy days. Our family only get to dress-up only on 2nd day of Lunar. It was a fashion-show thing here in Singapore. Well, for someone who who to doll-up, its no surprise that i was fully geared (full make-up + shoes + bag) before visiting my granny.

Well, my mum wants a photo too!

He never get sick of green despite wearing green everyday to work.

On Sunday, my family and i visited temples to pray got a good year in 2014.

Praying for good luck!

On Monday, boss gave all of us an off day to replace Saturday public holiday. On that Thursday, before we left, my boss treated us to Eurustech reunion dinner at Lee Do Restaurant at Ubi. The menu was changed and the food tasted horrible.

This is the best among the rest.

So well, this is my CNY for this year.. What about you guys? Hope all of you have a great Lunar New Year this year!


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