Fat Pig by Pangdemonium

2nd day was simple.

We had breakfast at Bistro at level 1. They do not have lots of variety but i felt the choices are decent.
We had some omelette, cereals, rice, sausages etc. They also had fruits, muffins, desserts, soup but i did not try them all (limited stomach capacity).

We sat near the glass panel. Outside, we could see joggers with their dogs, baby prams, any activities that could be seen in the morning.

It was my perfect Sunday morning!Y

After a full brunch, we went back to our room to sleep while listening to 933fm 龙虎榜.

 Life is good. Y

At 2pm, we checked out the hotel. Bii had prepared another activity for me. He said i would never guess it right. And he was right! I couldn't guess it right at all.

He brought me to DBS Arts Centre, Merbau Street to watch a theater:

 Fat Pig

It is a play produced by Pangdemonium. I believe you guys are familiar with Adrian Pang and Tracie Pang. 

About Fat Pig.. ...

It is an interesting play which displays several aspect of society impressions and expectations.

Here is an extract of description.

Tom, a handsome, young man meets a sweet-natured, sexy, funny and intelligent girl named Helen – who just happens to be “plus-sized” – and he is soon head over heels in love with her. But for reasons he cannot explain, Tom tries to keep the object of his desires a secret from his obnoxious best friend Carter, and on-off girlfriend Jeannie. As Tom and Helen fall deeper in love, and Carter & Jeannie get closer to the truth, the course of true love is going to get messy – BIG time.

Fat Pig is a laugh-out-loud-and-immediately-feel-guilty-for-laughing romantic comedy, a bittersweet love story, and a sly observation of our prejudices and taboos that is “beautiful, hilarious and up-to-the-minute relevant.” (New York Post)  

Basically, the show was telling people that peer pressure does impact any relationship. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the word: compatibility. Watch the play and you will know what i meant! They have a very versatile stage: at one moment at the office, one moment at the dinner and another moment at the beach. The play is 1 hr 40 minutes.

Dedicate some of your time for theater play with your love one. Life doesn't need to be just movies and ktv. 

Dinner at the nearby TCC and off we hit Play Nation again for gaming experience.

Wealth of Chocolate

Seafood Aglio Olio


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