DA Hairdressing at Far East Review

Woo hoo~~ It is Wednesday! Tomorrow is Lunar New Year Eve! Company give us half day off and a holiday for us on next Monday!

Yesterday, me and honey went for a hair cut. It was a impromptu decision as we had only decided at about 4pm. After work, my boss fetched me to bugis before i took a bus down to Orchard. I bought my shoes pretty quick and spent about $60+ for 2 pair of shoes at Mitju.

Currently, they were having promotion of 10% if you present your Watsons Card. But im not sure if minimum spending is required. And happy with my buys, I  walked over to Far East to meet him.

We walked to Shunji Matsuo but they were full and unable to attend to us. Then we walked over to Kobayahsi Hair design at 5th floor and the same thing happened to us. Dear suddenly decided that we go to the same hair dresser which Jayne always visits.

Her frequent salon is located at level 2, near the bridge that linked to DFS opposite.

Click on the link to view more details: DA Hairdressing

After doing a google search, i realised there isn't much reviews about them on the internet. (Or perhaps i did not google enough?)

My hair stylist is Ronald. You can see his face on the website hehe. The overall experience is good and i like it a lot.

As we were looking for a good salon, DA hair dressing struck into dear's mind. As we felt that we were not left with much choice, we felt that it might not be a bad idea to go back there again.

We were greeted by a nice lady who led us to the chairs. She asked us if we wanted water or tea. I opted for tea while he chose water. All the while she was smiling and chatting to us. Next, we were asked if we have any appointed hairstylist but both of us answer no. So Ronald was our choice. I guessed he had just returned from a smoke as i could smell the tobacco on him.

The lady who served me tea was instructed to wash my hair. The dry shampoo was so cooling on my scalp. Her massage was really good and comfortable. While doing it, she chatted warmly with me on random stuffs. After 1 minute, she led me to the hair wash area and begin rising the chemical off my head. The head massage was equally good and comfortable. Good for a tiring day out at work. The massage was about 10-15 minutes. So far, the head massage is better than the one i experienced at Hair Profile @ Far East. I closed my eyes throughout the session. Going into the sleeping mode....

When i returned to the chair, i saw dear's hair was already in the construction in progress status. For me, the lady comb my hair straight in my damp hair. When Ronald had completed dear's hair, he came to me as ask me what i want. Beside keeping the length, i had no other opinions so i left my hair all up to his idea.

After sometimes, i had:
My hair is very smooth and all the bad ends were trimmed off!

His new hair style! His hair was difficult to cut and this is one of the nicest hair style he had

As Ronald is a senior hair stylist, he charged $42 for ladies, which include, cut, wash and blow while $38 for man. As dear had student pass, he was entitled to 20% off. He had also signed up a package which cost him $187 for 7 hair cuts.

Overall, i felt that it is a good hair cut experience in DA Hairdressing. The price is considered reasonable as I would need to pay for a more hefty price at other salons. Service wise, i am a satisfied customer who did not experience any bad attitude from any of the staffs there. Even we were there at 8.00pm, none of them appeared to be tired or lazy.

It is worth considering DA Hairdressing if you are considering for a change.

Far East Plaza

tel: +65 6733 3038 
email: info@dag.sg

Visit our salon at:

No.14 Scotts Road, #03-58  #03-54 (The had just moved)

Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Salon hours:

Mon To Fri - 10:30AM to 8:30PM

Sat/Sun/PH - 10:00AM to 8:00PM     

Finished our dinner at the wanton mee stall at level 1

Freaking hungry after the haircut!


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