Mapwerkz Event: CEO Love Talk

On Friday night, I received an email from Mapwerkz to attend this workshop call:

♥ CEO Love - How to make relationship better 

Looking at the content, i was interested to go. I asked my love along as i was allowed to bring one more person along. The workshop was on 8th February 11am - 1pm. It was a 2 hour session  where it covered

  1. The Tao of Love
  2. Emotions VS Rationality
  3. The Art of War
  4. Happily Ever After

Our CEO life coach is Geno Ong. Before she began as an inspiration speaker, she worked in a MNC company where she dealt with the top management team. Initially she provides 1-1 session to couple or clients who needed advice in life. Now she gives public talks to corporations.

She covers several topics such as:

  • CEO Me  
  • CEO Love
  • CEO Carrer 
  • CEO Family
  • CEO Speak
  • CEO Managers
  • CEO Money (how to grow your money into more money!)
  • CEO Business    
The whole session was supposed to be light-hearted and lively. But all of us were too quiet :X Let me brief on what was taught over the 2 hours

The Tao of Love

Love is perhaps the most intriguing thing in life. It can never be seen or touched. Perhaps feel is the only word which relates very closely with love. Just like my love and I, both of us had been classmates and friends for several years before we became lovers. Basically, Geno says that love involves communication, commitment, lust etc. If any factors out-weigh the other factor, the love wouldn't last.   It's all about balancing the factors that couples value.

Emotion VS Rationality

Due to time constraint, we were unable to do any personality test to see which couple is emo or rationalists . Whether you are more of an emotion person or a clear-headed person, girls usually belong to the emotions side while man are the rationalists. Under this topic, i had learnt many things. And this link me to the day before... .... Love brought me to buy a necklace. This necklace definitely cost him a bomb  but this earns my happiness. 

My necklace!! Shall blog it in a while :P

So.. Honey.. do you think your money is well-spent? Hehe.

The Art of War

This is perhaps the reason why i would want to attend. Though me and my love seldom quarrel, but there were days when we entered into 5-10 minutes no talk session after a heated conversation. So what to do after that?! 

Geno advised that firstly, before you go into a fight, get a glass of water and sit down. Then, talk slowly. However, never say some things to your man! Never say: 没出息/没有用/白痴/笨蛋/愚蠢 to the other person. Also, timing is also very important. Never mention negative things during meal time, before sleeping time or watching TV time. During this period, people need to rejuvenate. Any negative things said during this period is a big NO-NO! 

So when is the best time to rack things up?! Of course when you are relax. During this time, you can starting asking for household expenses, your Tiffany and CO, LV etc :P Dear was saying that the best time was actually "quality time" together.. Hmm, perhaps his timing is different from others. I shall try it next time :P

Or otherwise, few ways to prevent arguments:
  1. 不要这样做阿!
  2. 做咯.. then when things go wrong, laugh at your partner
  3. Invest in a coin holder, when your partner did something from, ask him/her to fill you piggy bank!
Happily Ever After

Just remember! 
  1. Don't sweat the small stuffs.
  2. Don't quarrel with the wrong words
  3. Spend together : Learn, Eat and Enjoy the things! Picnic , travel, sex (for people above 18), etc 
Our speaker!

We took a photo together while listening to the lecture :X

We get to enjoy the L.A coffee. It was really nice! 

Each of us were also given goodie bag

CEO life

Here are what it is in the goodie bag!

Taiwan Beer, L.A Coffee, Post it, Lolly sweets, Palmer's samples for skin, voucher for teeth whitening and a tissue pack for online liquor shop!

Overall, the experience was fun and enjoying. The talk session was fulfilling and there were so much to talk about Love.

Geno's lesson starts from 9am - 6pm . There will be lots of fun in her lecture. Do check her out and add her on facebook: Geno Ong

Not forgetting to take the location of the workshop:

Oh and this ! A new launch of Vodka from French. This is currently not in the market. I looked like i had won an Oscar award. The company is called Fou-Dre. It meaning lightning in French. That was why the bottle is so unique!


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