Eyelash Extension at Angel Xin Beauty

Happy Valentines' Day everyone!

As any girls would be, they would doll themselves up for any special occasion. Just like me, i am a very much girly one (a vain one actually!) would doll myself up specially V-day. V-day is our anniversary day (to be exact). Bii had already planned this day (our anniversary day) few years ago as the can jolly well combine V-day present and anniversary present together. And me, it was definitely a cost-saving idea.

I bought him a French Connection watch for V-day and anniversary.

FCUK watch

And my V-day present... is an expensive diamond necklace which i had it in my last post. I was given the magnifying glass to see the diamonds on the necklace. Cool isn't it? Im going to use that to check out my others diamond necklace :x

Oh Ya, back to topic... ...

The experience at Angel Xin (City Plaza) was a good and if i will do it again. I will go back to them.

I headed down to City plaza at about 12.30pm. My office was pretty near Paya Lebar and all i had to do was took one station down from Macpherson. It was a 30 minute journey and in no time, i was already in their shop. There was 2 ladies there. One of them was strengthening the hair of a customer while the other was planting lashes on another customer.

I walked in and requested for lash extension. As they are busy, i sat down and waited. The lady who serve me was Xin Xin (Lady Boss i heard). As it was my first time doing eyelash extension, I was nervous. Just like any other people, i will do my research well and ended up trusting my lashes to Angel Xin Beauty. She explained patiently on all the What, Why, How, When thing to me to make me understand. I chose the type of design i wanted and then.. we began.

I lay on the bed and she began pasting tapes near my eye area. It was definitely uncomfortable to me because i had never put tapes below my eye area -.- Then, i closed my eyes throughout the 1 hour session and lady boss began putting on the lashes. It was a delicate handiwork and our eyes are very important. The whole process was comfortable and painless, except for the tapes below my eyes area, others than that, it was really good. One by one, the lashes are joined to my original one.

When one side was completed, i asked her to take a photo for me.

Saw the huge difference in that length and density? 

By the time the other eye was completed, it becomes like this:

Pretty isn't it?! 

Bii did not actually realize my lashes (guys are not into the details) until my cousin pointed out. But he said that i look pretty (which i am *confident*) with the lashes on. 

My lashes cost $50.
$50 lashes give you the natural look. $30 is much thicker and has the obvious look that you had fake lashes on. $60 are very very natural that some customers felt that there was no difference. As recommended by Xin Xin, the $50 lashes really gave me the look i want.

I would really give them thumbs up.

They have three branches but i visited the one at:

City Plaza #02-36, 810 Geylang Road, S(409286)
Tel : 6747 0205  

Operating hours: 10am - 9.30am


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