Brunch at Riders Cafe

Another weekend - over.

Welcome to the last week of February and embrace our salary (Cheers to all working adult out there!)

I couldn't have enjoyed my nice brunch at Riders Cafe if not for the Raffles Medical checkup. I was there at 8.30am but they could  not attend to me (Because they insist that i need some Authtorisation Chit in order to proceed where actually they not have someone to do it for me).   Using the excuse of the absence of that paper, i was forced to turn down my appointment (pushing me the reason that i did not bring my paper). But anyway, it left us no choice but to leave the clinic.

Still fuming (I fast 8 hours for that appointment and hell! I was hungry alright?!), i was complaining to Xiong all the way until he took my attention away when he told me that he would bring me to a place i never go before.

For brunch!

Yeah-peeee! I love brunch.

I was thinking of brunch only afterwards.

And we ended up at

Riders Cafe

Vanilla Smoothie

Long Black

The Usual (Scramble eggs) $18

Blackstone Benedict $16

For The Usual, you can choose the type of eggs you want it to be cooked. I opted for scramble eggs as i am never a fan of poached eggs. The portion was enough to keep me full till dinner. As for the drinks, the vanilla smoothie was nice as it tasted like ice cream, long black was somewhat similar to the coffee i had in office (like those coffee maker using beans).

Overall, I felt that the food could be better. 

More often or not, you can see people riding their horses down the road or around the area. 

51 Fairways Drive Singapore 286965
Bukit Timah Saddle Club 

It is not easily accessible without a car. Cab in if you want to visit this place. Otherwise you would need to walk very far from the main road.

Wei Xiong the Great 
*The guy who filled my stomach and took my anger away* 



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