Chris & Linda Wedding Solemnisation

Happy Marriage to Mr and Mrs Lim!

Date : 01-03-2014 (一生一世).
Place: Grand Copthorne Waterfront.

On that day, Bii and I had several places to go. After taking our breakfast, we went down to Kakit Bukit to collect flowers from the White Link Bridal. There were many new couples trying out their gown and choosing wedding packages. It was PACKED with people! After collecting, bii drove to the hotel to pass them the flowers.

The whole solemnization occupied 3 halls: Solemnization Ceremony, Holding hall and dining room. It was located just beside Pontini. As it was still early, the halls were occupied by previous events. While they were looking around, i was reading and editing the script (for announcement later),making sure that the guests were well aware of what they had to go or where to go later.

Oh yes, i was the emcee. The job was supposedly given to Kris but you know he had stage fright. Oh well!

After a short practice of the speech, Bii and I rushed home to get prepared. We had only an hour to get hair done, my makeup etc.

After an hour, we set off.

When we were there, the bride and groom were taking some scenery photos.

Holding Hall

Guest Book

The couples!

 We were really hungry as we did not have lunch. I did not manage to take any photos *wasted* as i was a bit busy.

Me and Bii's mum
A pity if she did not take any photo on that day!

Pretty bride !

The three brothers. I believe you know which is the Groom >.<


Caught their name on the announcement board!

The buffet-dinner ended at about 10.30pm. Time to bid goodbye!

Ah Hao looking  at the guests... ...

Once again, Congratulations to the new couples! 

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