Taiwan company trip day 1

Hi readers! I am finally back from Taiwan.

This year had been a good year. Travelling to Taiwan 3 times, going to Bangkok and Batam. Life has never been this great!

The taiwan trip was suggested by my boss during August. In October, we bought the tickets and we were be travelling to Taiwan on 19 Dec till 22 Dec. I bought the SIA tickets using boss's credit card.

Again, life has never been good so far.

On the early morning of 19th Dec, Bii drove me to the airport. He picked me up at 5.50am and we reached at 6.00am. As we did on-line check-in 1 day before, i queued up to exchange for my airticket and checked in my luggage. In just few minutes, it was done and bii and i had breakfast at yakun toast at B2.

Upon leaving, bii kissed me good-bye and told me to take care. I walked into the departure hall and started buying cigar o.o Anyway, i met the rest of my colleagues inside the boarding area.

At the boarding area

Mr Hio and his family came n pretty late. At 8.30am, we boarded the plane.

The whole journey was smooth and we were with brunch shortly.

The entertainment area

The food

This is what i had actually. I did not ate the above meal as i never liked poached eggs

After 4.5 hours of flying, we had finally reached Taipei. The weather was grey and cold. We met Sue and Allan there before going to Taoyuan office. 

Our office!!

On the way

Took a photo silently

The weather

We stayed at City Suite Hotel. The lobby was grand and the room was so comfortable. Fion and I shared a room.

This is how the room looked like:

Twin bed




The corridor of our hotel room.

After settling for a while, we met at the lobby. ... And we saw a huge mirror.. so we did was to...

Take photo!

The lobby

Resting area! The Hio family.

We took a cab to Taipei 101. It was only 5 minutes from our hotel. After taking some photos at Taipei 101, we went in and had our dinner at some Raman stall. 

My raman

After quick dinner, we went to Ximending for shopping. I had never been this excited before! 

The 86 shop which Vivian recommend to me!
Here is the address:

The busker who has a very nice vocal


After a day activity, we went back hotel happily with our loots.

Of course before my sleep, facetime my bii 1st. 

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