Another week past and we are approaching near end of December.

A month of festive season where shopping malls are decorated with red and green colors. I love this month, where we celebrate a year of hard work and a month where i would love to take a day off to accompany my loved ones.

This upcoming season i will be busy. More meet up with my babes, my poly mates, my fyp, not forgetting my family.

Whats more exciting is that dear and i will be going to Taiwan again next year! I am every so looking forward for next year to come!

Dear is getting for his commando challenge next week.

Using Nexus 7 camera! Good right?! 5MP, enough of clarity

Reading up the map for Commando Challenge! Good luck on the water challenge
Last Thursday, we celebrated Uncle's birthday at Chin Lee restaurant at Bedok North. The food was decent and Xiong's elder brother ordered a lot of foods. They ate at an amazing fast speed, leaving me the last to finish my food. As always! After singing birthday song and cutting the cake, we took a photo together. I realized i was getting fat >.< 

A photo after bath!

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