Commando Challenge

Hi guys!

Back for some updates! Commando Challenge was over and dear and his friends definitely had some sun-down yesterday. I, the audience was sitting there waiting for them to complete their race and taking care of their barang barang.

Their race started at 2pm. There was lots of people from different countries crowding around. Not to say, there were many ang mo drinking and cheering at the participants. 

All getting ready to pin up their number

Tan Fei pinnng up his number

The boy who completed first!

After they packed up, we moved to a comfortable spot and laid down our bags. Off they gone for their commando challenge.

Brother before hoes!

Spotted a dragon ball guy going for the challenge too. Too bad he doesn't have any special power.
Along the way, i saw ninja turtle,  Santa clause and some funny characters. It was really fun to be an audience after all.

After a full 2 hours, brother before hoes finally appeared. One by one walked in slowly, tired.

Dear looking at Yang Ann

What is Yang Ann doing? Trying to measure a woman's waist?

The macho guys!

The lovely couples
Take note of the background

See what Tee Peng is doing!

Muscle man crossing the icy cold water

Tan fei can really climb

The tiring guys who just got over another obstacles.

Looking at the next obstacle with "WHAT?!"

While waiting for the obstacle, only dear saw me:

Finally the rest follow suit

Still, where is Tee Peng looking?

Well, she is the reason why.

Her name is Vanessa. A bubbly and sweet little girl. We never knew Tee Peng likes sweet looking girls. Welcome to the family hahaha! She is the reason why Tee Peng never has a perfect shot in all photo.

The guys took a photo after finish the torturous climb

After 4km of run and hurdles, the challenge had finally end for them. They were all filled with mud and soil and leaves and anything you can find on them. They washed themselves up with the water taken from a nearby drinks stall. And suddenly, they were splashing water at each other -.- Anyway, after a wash up, they changed into a clean top and took a nice photo to end the day.

Now now... Bii.. where are you looking at now?

At night, we had a simple dinner at Compass point ajisan and went to Tee Peng's house for a visit.

It was a fun-filled day!

And my dear, well done on your commando challenge!Muackz!

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