A happy day out

I wanted a day off. Always wanted a day off to spend time with my dear. And i finally applied my leave on 10 dec. 

I dolled myself up , wore some pretty outfit and was ready to meet him. I wasn't late at all. 

We had some nice brunch at Tim Ho Wan in Plaza Singapura. It was a long wait. We queued and waited for a full 30 minutes before stepping into the restaurant. The place were pretty smsll and all the customers were practically squeezing together. The menu was limited and so dear and i had made our choices fast. The foods were served shortly and we started munching at the polo bun.

This is the legenday char xiu bao they mention. It was worth dying for!

Fa gui. This is perhaps the best fa gui ever

Not really that bad, neither was it good

Ahh! This! Prawms wrapped in some crispy tou fu skin i think

I had rejected this dish because it was pig's liver.

Not very nice. Don't need to order in furure

The carrot cake! Soft , crispy. Perhaps one of the better carrot cake around

Overall, it was worthwhile to queue for the food. I will return again!

Oh yeah! Selfie!

Dear brought me to Gort Canning to pa tuo! Wahh.. Romantic right? I said i wanted to visit the meusum and there we were! 

There were few exhibitions to visit. They have exhibition on history of singapore, 50 years of TV, food, art appreciation, fashion etc. It took us a while to complete visiting all the exhibits but sadly, we did not manage to visit all.

I am the cover girl!

Well, and the cover boy

Ghost in the vehicle

Evening was approaching. We had a short walk at Fort Canning before leaving for dinner and movie.

Asking bii to take a photo of me

I love this photo!

Dear drove back to plaza singapura again and we ate our dinner at Just Acia. Caught a movie called Old Boy, originated from korea movie. 

It was R21. There were some sexual scenes and some gore. But it wasn't as much blood spurting as i expected, unlike final distination. 

However, in all american movies, there are always sexual scene with a forty year old and some young looking girl. 

Such a complete turn off to me. But nevertheless, it was a nice movie. 


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