Nexus 7 [ my x'mas present ]

Thank you dear!

Thank you for the nexus 7 32gb lte version. This is my awesome christmas present this year! I love it a lot! 

My home screen !! 

Actually , I had plans to get nexus 7 at this Sitex fair. Dear and I were walking about the Asus booth to look for the prices for Nexus 7. All of the booth were selling Nexus at $529 with different freebies. When I was about to give up my hunt, I saw this Harvey Norman booth stating "ask for best price ". 

I decided to check it out.

As the booth says : ask the best price. I did as I was told and asked for best price. I told the lady that I didn't need the freebies as they were not compatible. 

She decided to give me $502.xx . At first, I thought it was indeed a good offer after looking too much prices at  $529. However,  i felt that the price could be even lower. I decided to walk away. I told dear that we should go to Courts as courts often offer unbeatable prices. But too bad,  courts did not sell Asus gadgets. So we walked to Best denki. Thinking that they do not offer low prices, I had decided to skip them. Dear was telling me to just ask for it since we were already there. I did just what I was told. 

Who know... the lady at Best offered $499 without the freebies! I was utterly surprised with that price as I did not expect the price for Nexus to fall below $500. She told me to go back to her if I want the product. I wanted to go back the hayvey norman sa that best offered me $499. But being such a nice person, I did not reveal the price of best to them. 

So once more,  I asked for the best price from harvey norman.

This time,  a guy told me $480 without freebies. 

I was stunned.


Dear thought that he had heard the price wrongly.

But its true ! In the end,  I purchased my nexus at the price of $495 with cover and one screen protector. Too good to be true. 

So the moral of the story is, you can haggle price with Harvey norman at Sitex!

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