2nd Day of Taiwan in Kaohsiung

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Please don't mind my singlish. I am a Singaporean.

On the 2nd day of Taiwan, all of us had our breakfast early before checking out at 9am. We hopped on the high speed railyway at 9.30am and reach Zuo Ying at about 11 plus.

Before setting off 

At the dining area

Checking out

The whole journey as comfortable as my bosses bought business class for all of us during the ride to Zuo Ying. The seats were purple and they are much more spacious compared to the economy class. The ticket cost about 90+sgd, just approx $20 more than the economy class ticket.

We were given apple juices and some snacks for free.


Finally, we reached Zuoying! All of us took some photos there before going out of the station. Our tour guide: Joann, was already at the station waiting for us. she was there pretty early. She led all of us out of the station to the mini bus she booked. The weather in kaohsiung is really good as it wasn't as cold as taipei. Also, Taipei was looking so gloomy but kaohsiung was so sunny and cooling. Love this type of weather.

When we finally arrived at the minibus, it wasn't so mini after all. It was about 26-27 seater coach bus and has a large compartment to put our luggage. The bus interior was clean and shiny! I wondered if the coach company polish their interior as well.

The coach was spacious and all of us were kept entertained by the flat screen in front. It was showing news all the while.

See how it looked like

Our 'mini' bus

Our tour guide brought us to few places:

See what all of them were doing

The famous fish market

The road side stall

Their fish market

Kaohsiung is famous for their seafood, as i had quite a bit of prawns and fish over there. Their seafood was superb fresh and delicious. They can be served without any sauce!! Just imagine the freshness of the foods there.

While walking, we stopped by the tomato stall. Their tomato was so weird:

The combination of green and orange

I could never believe that we can eat green and orange tomato in my life! The taste was sweet. (i totally did not expect that as i wasn't that type who liked tomato). But the taste 超出我想象!

After tea-break, we walked down towards the harbour to take a ferry back to where we were from. 

My olden days!

Walking towards the harbour

Even motorcars are allowed to go into ferry!

And yes! She is our good coordinator and tour guide!
I looked fat in this photo

After a mere ten minutes ride, we  were back to the shore. Perhaps this is the shortest ride in my whole life on the boat. But still, it was an experience. I got to see Kaohsiung beautiful scenery under nice cooling weather. That 10 minutes of ride was worth!

And now... we were brought to this place call:

海之冰 Hai Zhi Bing

No. 76, Bīnhǎi 1st Road, Gushan District

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804
+886 7 551 3773

This is one of the famous places in kaohsiung to 吃冰。They served huge bowls of ice with fruits, jelly etc. As we had 10 of us, Joann ordered a bowl for of course, 10 people. 

Smile everyone!

The big bowl!

And all of us managed to finished it. I was shivering so much after eating that bowl of ice.

We walked about for a bit and the coach brought us to the port.

Gushan District Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804
+886 7 215 5100

The Eurustech Family

The big ship which was seldom seen at the port

Awe at the ship!

University campus 

We walked about by the sea, taking photos here and there! At the bay, we saw many PRC tourist too, walking and making noises along the way. Some even spate on the floor as if it was their own country. Such actions were not tolerable at all, polluting other's people home. Even the China government stepped out to tell their people to be civilized.  

But anyway, we walked till we reach the foot of a mountain. There was a Taoist Temple located just above the flight of stairs.

See the number of steps we had to climb!

The temple

The scenery above the ground

At night, we walked about Rui Feng Night market (瑞豐夜市-  located between the Yucheng and Nanping Road) and had our simple dinner there. The bustling noises just warms me up under the cold chilling weather. 

At night, 少不了 our KTV session with our Eurustech people at 享温馨.

That is the end of Day 2!


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