Mascara Review : Lancome, Loreal & Cyber Colours


I have currently three mascara in my kit and they are:

I have been good, diligently using my mascara to work almost everyday. Right now, these 3 mascara are my best companion for my less-defined eyes. For asain, all girls will want fuller lashes, volume and long kind of lashes but because we are asians, we are not blessed with that. And so.. we often cheat with fake lashes. Like my sister, she is a mono-lids with short lashes (luckily i am not but i wasn't any better), she wants to use a mascara which tell people that : I have lashes alright?! And so she told me to buy one for her when i was at watson private sales. I ended up buying her a mascara (purple tube with feathery-light effect , meaning you won't feel heavy on your lashes) which provide XXL lashes, for lengthening. Right now, its working fine on her and she likes it.

For my mascara, i had these 3 which gives different effect.

Lancome: Doll Lash Effect Mascara - Wide-Eye Look. Volumized, Extended, Lifted Lashes 

Well, i use this to work almost everyday for the 3-in one. People who are lazy like me who wakes up at 8am for 9am work, we often go for this for a quick, time saving mascara. I bought it at the airport in taiwan and i never regret paying SGD99 for 3 tubes.

Loreal: Ultra volume with collagene.

This was bought from Ceyi when she was at some sales. As it states, it is a volumised mascara which give your fuller lashes. Its is not very very waterproof as it smudges at the end of the day. But if you are just going out for a short while, it is worth using esp it is affordable. Not too bad i must say, but not one which you will go for a second time.

Cyber colours Ex-volume

I bought this stick in Taiwan, recommended by the sales personnel. It is not cheap.. in my opinion, but it is really a great mascara.  Another three in one : lengthens, volumise and makes curl stays. According to the SA, she said that a lot of hong kongers are using this and it is always out of stock. And so believeing what she say, i decided to buy one and try. Surprisingly, it is really good . The mascara promised whatever it delivers. It doesn't smudge at all. But one bad thing is that, it can be quite difficult to wash off as it is too waterproof. 

I am tempted to get the maybelline false lashies but i have some bad experience with their mascara. I am not so sure if  i should get.. I didn't want to waste my money again on bad mascara. 

Just my 2 cents worth

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