Happy Wednesday everyone!
It is a Wee ~ Wednesday.
A day when my bosses went to business, a day when my big boss passed his BTT, a day when my colleague turns older today, a day when i am going to be alone in office and a day when i will be meeting my love later.
Let's talk about yesterday 1st:

I ended work a bit later as usual as i wanted to ask bosses to share present with me for Vivian's present. Surprisingly, big boss sponsor $50 (spoil market) for her birthday present! Of course, i am able to buy a better present for her ^^. After work, big boss sent me to pasir ris because i was going to dear's house. Nice right? I save transport almost everyday hehe! When i reached dear's house, i saw him cooking our dinner tonight. When seeing him standing there cooking the pasta, i felt so happy and blissful to have a meal cooked by him. Can i have it like this everyday? :p We had beacon and ham as additional dishes. Yummy.

With our stomach 100% full, we went down to bugis to get Vivian's present. We walked about Sephora for a while and i bought her something which i eyed for quite a while. A Too Face eye shadow palatte! With additional budget, i am able to get her brushes and shower gel. Haha. For a while, i was afraid that she saw me getting her present but luckily, we didn't. :D We made payment at the cash counter and went to have desserts in Bugis Parco. The desserts were soso only, not very delicious but cheaper and worth the money.

I shall upload photos later as this computer did not have enough storage space to upload my photos. Is this com really 4gb ram? Seems like this big screen cpu cum monitor can't do much at all. Disappointing!

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