Another day of blogging... ...

I changed my spectacle last week at Toa Payoh after a short visit at my granny's place. Instead of my usual white, i had black this time, a huge contrast to my old self.

Dear accompanied me to collect my spec on a friday night. After that we went to Tampines giant to shop as we had no place to go.

Took some photos and this is how i looked like now:

Dear said that this colour suit me more. I like this spec too, because i wouldn't look weird with my make up on. Black spec has been in trend for quite a while as well.

Yup, the big head of us. You had better stopped hiding behind me while taking photos!

Ok, enough of our zi lian photos... ...

This weekend has been pretty boring because my dear had to worked on both days. However, we were able to spend more time together yesterday because he had worked morning shift. After work, he drove to my house to meet me before going to Chinatown to have dinner together. We had Song Fa Bak Kut teh and it has been ages since we had them. He is so engrossed on what to order and had been really brushed me off when i told him to smile at camera.

Took some crazy photos...

A simple twist

Smiling but not looking at me

twist and still not looking at me

Finally i have a proper photo of you after so many tries.

We had a very fulling dinner esp dear had 4 bowls of soup. How not to be full? For me i am still alright. Full but not very extreme. I know when to stop if im full ^^ After eating we went down to Marine Parade as i wanna redeem products from Clarins using my points. When we reached there, the lady wasn't every helpful and i don't really like her. The staffs were not as friendly as they were in the past. If its not for their products, i will not be even patronising their store anymore.

As we couldn't redeem our items, we shopped till 8.30pm and go down to Teo Heng to K!

We are just being playful

What a sad face

Where are you looking at?! *shy*

We had 4 hours of singing till 2 am and we sang till we had no voice. So that's how a day is spent together. No fanciful activities, no beautiful scenery, but just a world of you and me :)

Embrace Sunday (Alright! Whether you embrace  or not Sunday will still be coming). A homely stay at home except for a hefty lunch with dear in barley road. He came to look for me in his uniform (I love the smart look of you). We were supposed to have nasi brayni for lunch today but the stall did not sell that, so we went down to barley to try that 3million recipe which dear was raving about. 

See how oily it is? But its not bad though.

See the army boy queueing up with an irritated face. >.<

Another weekend of mine just passed slowly and quietly... ...


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