I haven really been blogging a lot i will try my best to blog at least once a week.

Happy haloween guys! I know i spelt it wrong but just haloween!! Today is wei teck birthday and he had just turned 23rd this year. Slow! Dear today had to work midnight shift because his colleague is pregnant. Way to go for adding additional person to singapore population :D I had by right wanted to meet dear today but i did mention before that i might to stay late.

I was happy for a while thinking goods are here already but i had not expect that the supplier had delivered to us separately.

So in the end i had to stay back n wait for goods to come.. Haiz. Otherwise i will be meeting my love ..

Luckily one month once and its somehow predictable. Dear has becoming very understanding towards my work and i really appreciate that.

Love you dear! Thank you very much!

*ps: my sis went out at work at 9.30pm today :x

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