Happy deepavali guys! Its a public holiday tomorrow and what i did today was to email my customers: tomorrow is singapore public holiday. Office will be closed and shall resume operations on Wednesday :D well, i was instructed under the orders of my boss.

I went home slightly today, since no one was in office by 5pm. It is really boring to stay in office alone.

I had mee for lunch as dear came to pick me up at 1230pm. Whats app wasnt responding and so i waited n waited. I thought that he was late again but no! He was there very early! At 11.55am. Thanks to whats apps i received his msges late. Lessons learnt: never rely on technology.

It was a nice lunch with xiong before heading back to office.

When i was about to go home, it rained and i had to walk under the rain. My slippers are totally wet and uncomfortable. Dear had lessons today and midnight shift . Though i am meeting him tomorrow, i guess he is just too tired to be awake for me. Slp well tomorrow ba! U need to rest!

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