Hi guys! Another blogging day.

Today is wednesday, and weekend is nearing!! Im very happy of course, i get to sleep quite a bit on weekends. Dear is getting his off days tml but he has school. And, i can't meet him. Except on friday night. Hopefully can see him over the weekends.

Right now i have been working for eurustech for 4 months and still counting. Work is still manageable for me and so far i am quite happy. I leave at six, no OT except once very month when goods arrive. But i have more things to do now. No doubt i am being confirmed as a 'salesgirl', i did everything: advertising on newspaper, inventory control, admin, human resource, marketing (perhaps). Just whatever! Name it and i do it :x

Im waiting for my taiwan trip so much. Though we haven been planning the details, we have a rough idea on what and where we will be doing. We booked 1 motel at wego and 2 mingsu. The mingsu are tomato room in taichung and backpackers in ximending. Wego is at the mimarma entertainment park. Man... Im just so excited over this trip. It will be my third time traveling with xiong le. Hahaha. Happy happy. Im so happy because my mum n dad had always never allowed me to go overseas alone until i was bigger. But this time! Just me and him! Perhaps my mum knows that i've grown up or either way is that my family knows im safe with xiong. Either way, im also happy :D

Jyjy dear! 1 more hour to go ! I shall do my mask now!

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