Ok ! Right now i will blog while traveling to clark quey

Today is lesley's birthday! Happy birthday babe! What you wished for will come true!

Last week, i took my btt test and i got a full mark! I finished within 10 minutes and dear was supposed to wait for me! But somwhow he drove to other places which i dunnoe why o.o

Since i was feeling urgent, i walked back to office after finishing my test.
To my surprise, my boss was still in the office at 7pm.

When dear came, i left boss alone in the office, telling him that if got any matters, we shall discuss tomorrow :x

Dear came with a cake and congratulate me. I scored full marks which i had never thought that i would,. Anyway, im really happy and hopefully i can pass my ftt soon in 3rd jan! I wanna get my license soon!!

Because dear got summon while buying my cake, he was so sad. No use hiding from me dear, your face cannot hide anything from me!

So tjhis cupcake was here to cheer him up instead

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