Birthday present

Thanks dear for blogging for me. He is working now. Midnight shift. Hope he is not very tired :x
Today is a good day. Boss released me at 5.30pm instead of 6pm. Though he offered to drive me to the bustop, i politely declined. I finally reached dear's house at 6.30pm. We had dinner at mcdonald.

Shiqi also having her operation today and luckily, all was fine and good. She is resting at home now.

Last weekend is really nice, but spoilt. Thanks to my menses. It came on this fateful day when dear wants to celebrate birthday for me. Who knows i have serious menses cramp and i really felt like vomiting in the toilet. I really felt like crying. After camping in the toilet for sometime, i finally walked out, weakly. Dear cheered me up with the pretty sunflower. I was really happy and touched.. but i was really in pain :( I had spoilt the day. Sorry dear. Muackz...

Last saturday, i met up with my babes. Babes gave me a surprise hand made birthday card. It is very pretty! (So as my dear's de ^^) We had a high class lunch at a Antoinette. The food was really nice but expensive. It is worth trying such places though, esp all of us met very little. Thanks babes! I really have a great day with u girls!

Last Tuesday, me and dear also met up with Ceyi. I had received the present from my 4 flowers. Laneige sleeping mask! I was almost going to buy that until i decided to save up my money. I was very happy of course! Its a great present. But i wonder when will i be meeting them up again.

Good news: Yong Sheng is getting married. No doubt we are seldom in contact. I really appreciate his invitation. How can i not go?! I will be going with Xiong, Ceyi, Shu Ming. Im looking forward to his wedding.

And also... a moment ago... me and dear had tried to apply flat at punggol cascadia 4 room flat. Though i had not spoken this to my parents. But slowly i will let them know if we had the flat. Anyway, it is expected to be completed in 2016. Pray we will get it the first time. :)

Not forgetting some photos:


Address:390 Orchard Road, Palais Renaissance, B1-08/09/10C, Singapore 238871
Operating Hours:Daily – 11am to 10pm
(Last order - 9.30pm)
Reservations:Highly recommended, 1 week in advance.
Telephone Number:(65) 67356392

Crazy photos of dear. He was trying to cheer me up because im in pain

Muacks muackz

Pretty sunflowers. Dear know i love them most

Present from my 4 flowers

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