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In a blink of eye, i had completed my degree.

I could still remember the day when ceyi and i had applied RMIT in 2009 where both of us chose our course together. We were enrolled in 2010 and during the 1st day of registration, we met Sharon. Ever since the first day, we were together almost everyday for lesson, lunch and projects. And now, all of us had graduated. Sharon had graduated with degree with distinction. Congratulations to her ^^

Last month, i had requested leave for my convocation today. In the morning, I woke at about 9am. I was pretty excited as I had waited for this moment since years ago. Mum made delicious breakfast for me and had a cup of chocolate. At 10am, i get myself prepared, wearing my skirt and long sleeve shirt. And by the time the clock struck 11am, i was all prepared to go :) Dear was in his white shirt and jeans. Trying to match his shirt colour with me :P 

As morning was raining, Ceyi reached school very early, avoiding slow traffic. As for us, we reached there at a the intended time. Sharon was very late though haha. We registered at grand hall and went to another room to get dressed. SIM had hired people to put on the robe for us. For the very first time, i saw myself looking very smart, wearing that harry potter gown and mortar. The mortar was heavy on my head. 

I walked out of the room, and started taking photos with my dad and mum , friends and of course my boyfriend. 

When the ceremony was starting, all of us, be it guests or graduands, were walking into the grand hall. The whole ceremony was of course serious. But many grads were just sitting there playing phone, busy whats apps and sms while me, i took out a nugget to eat. I was hungry :x The speech was long, monotonous. But i believe its meant to be in this way for all graduations. 

After the whole session ended, its time to go down for reception. Its the tea break time!! All of the guests were so hungry that those foods were snatched up within minutes. Mum and dear fed me with food because i was busy holding my flowers and graduation bear. Mum bought me a rilakkuma bear and dear bought me flowers. Dad wrote my graduation card too. I was very touched  and happy, for once in my life.. my dad was there to see me on my graduation day. 

My babes were also there for me today. I couldn't be there for them because i had started my work. I took some pretty photos with them too. I was very grateful that they made time for me today. Cause they are my babes!

Last but not least, my dear was here for me too. He drove us to school, helped me took pretty photos, carried my bag for me like my PA, took food for me, fed me too, adjust my gown and many more! I really appreciate his willingly to do these for me. Thanks dear :P Muackz 

At night, We had family dinner at jumbo seafood restaurant at indoor stadium. I was really very very happy today! I shall upload some photos another day.   

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