National Day At Marina Barrage + Garden by the bay

Hohoho! Its another week today. Last week was fun as national day falls on last thursday. I haven get a weekday off since start of work. But anyway, it was so very fun day with my dear of course. Photo taking session and a sunburn day. In the morning, dear drove us to marina barrage. We could have fly kite but we didn't cause they might disallow us to. So, we place our mat, sit down and drink bubble tea. Earlier, we had fish mahanttan for lunch.

We camped at marina barrage for whole hot sunny afternoon before changing place at garden by the bay.As i did not apply body moisturiser, i opened my uv umbrella. The wind was blowing. I hide under my umbrella, and enjoyed the cooling breeze. Dear was trying to act macho, saying that he dont need umbrella, but finally he gave in cause it was surely very hot out there :x 

After sitting for quite a while, we decided to take our our camera and tripod. It was so fun playing with the tripod!! When i was trying to upload the photos.. i realised we took a lot of funny shots  and some nice one. So funny. Some poses are just so.... wahahahaha!

Maybe i will post some ugly ones here.

In the evening time, dear and walked towards to the garden by the bay and took some morning shots. We walked fairly a bit and decided to settled at meadow. We played around there and setting up out mat once again. It was really funny, moving place to place with our bags, camera and mats haha.

As we thought that we would have a nice view, we waited patiently for the fireworks to appear. But, who knows the MBS is so majestic and it blocked 3/4 of my fireworks -.- Though it was almost all block, i never regret sitting there with dear. Because, it was really a fun day.

Im so scared of the sun~~
Nice scenery
Dear take umbrella until so gay :x

So red so prominent

This is a funny photo

What?! Had we jumped?

Always have a nice jump shot

act shuai
Im tired baby..
Dont disturb me.. take photo yourself..

Look! Aeroplane!!

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