Our Home [Renovation] Final: Completed

After a good 4-5 month of renovation, our house is finally completed. We've moved in to our house on 15 April and since there, me and love would stay over the weekend every week.

During our "搬家", we were instructed to buy the 火炉, pineapple, rice, salt,sugar etc and perform the standard procedure of "moving in".  In case you didn't know, 火炉 can be bought at Ang Mo Kio Central at one of the biggest hardware shop there. It costs us around $8 for a decent one. The rest of the items are bought at the supermarket.

Moving in...

We were there at our door at round 8.45am to prepare the ritual. Love needed sometime to set up the fire as he was afraid that the fire wouldn't burn by the time it was 9am. We bought the starter and charcoal, putting as many starter as possible so that it would produce bigger fire (Huat ar!)

It wasn't difficult at all to start a fire.

We are getting ready to enter.

At 9am , we open the door, place the 火炉 in our living room and start rolling the pineapple. We felt good as we finally have a place to call our own. 

Pineapple roll roll ~~

We shifted the stove to our kitchen and left the pineapple to huat in our living room. With that stove, we boiled some water using a small kettle. It was also part of the ritual. Then, we cooked some desserts to eat. We began to bring in our rice, oil and salt which were left at the entrance and store them in proper container.

 After the ritual was done, we waited patiently for my family to arrive, calling for delivery for rest of the day.

Here are some of the photo which our ID took.
This is the outcome of our bill of SGD30K + 

Home sweet home~~

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