Mini update

Coming towards July, my love and I had returned from our unforgettable trip in Australia and we are back to our crazy workaholic mode. The trip to Australia was so relaxing that made me feel bored when it was the 5th or 6th day. *Yawn* This is one of the trips i get to sleep most as compared to my trips to Taiwan or Seoul. Also, we rented a car and got to drive around the city. With the automobile, travelling was so easy and we were not afraid to get out early but late. But Australia closes their store early so we end our day early too.

Now is the 7th month of the year and I have not started blogging at all, or even posting the photos on my Facebook. For the last month, I brought my work home almost everyday to complete what I have to. Moving on, I will be on another new role under Sales, which I hope it will not eat into my personal time as much too cos I value my personal time.

I should really get my ass moving or otherwise I will be stuck here, like literally.

Oh god~!

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