Ending Year 2017

Year 2017 is a year where love and i built our nest, from designing our new home, buying furniture, adding accessories and love to our house and now living comfortably with each other. We do not fight as much as other couples do (and hope we don't) but we still do not get tired seeing each other everyday.

Year 2017 was also a year where love and I took the least photos; we had to settle our house almost every other weekends,  doing housework and less shopping. As we see each other everyday, we tend to take less photos.

Year 2017 was also a year where we got fat together. As both of us are earning, we can afford to eat good foods. Good food with my family, good food with friends, good food with him. At home, i had junk foods and cook foods. How not to get fat?

Last week, Love took me to the Sea Aquarium at Sentosa as they had a company family event. How i wished my company has one too.On that Friday, we woke up early to Sentosa, I was so happy and exicted because it was a long weekend and its also been a while since i went Sentosa.

He tried to wear the same colour as me.

There were over 100 people at the event. Love distributed the tickets to his colleagues. Most of them came with their kids and spouse. It was a joyous event. 

Got our tickets and ready to enter!

Though it as morning, the SEA aquarium was already filled with tourist. We had hard time taking nice photo as people were making their way through and taking their selfie stick everywhere.

This is one of the best shot we got!

That was the decent photo we had in that day as love was busy manning this event. Our walk lasted not more than 2 hours and we were out of the aquarium. I didn't manage to touch any star fish. Oh man! We went back to Vivocity and hang aorund there till dinner.

Uploading some photos we took in 2017.

A photo we took during Yang Ann and Shu Juan's wedding

Dinner at Tebing lane , having BigFish Small Fish just now.

Photo taken just yesterday, having Raman at 18 Taiseng

Trying out food at the Mushroom Park near our house.

Hope you guys end Year 2017 with your love ones!!

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