Dessert Place [ Honeycomb at Bugis]

I have been procrastinating posts day after day. Hope that i will be able to post some of the foodies up real soon.

After a long day at Flea, we came to this dessert house call Honeycomb

A dessert place near Bugis MRT,  Honeycomb serves soft ice cream and fresh honeycomb. I remember the last time i ate honeycomb was a few years ago when i bought one from CkTang. It cost me $25 for a small piece.  Honeycomb was really nice, they contain those wax like which will make you chew and chew, oozing honey from within. Accordingly to the sale promoter (last time), she told me that the wax is edible and it is good for your gum (because you keep chewing and chewing). 

The place is really small.  There are few countable tables and chairs but being small has it advantage too right? 

They even have soft toys for you to hug :X

Their menu was pretty loud and clear and they hung them on the wall.

It is easy to choose especially they have few choices (easily distracted by many choices). I went for the caramel while Linda chose classic. 

The honey in the syringe and a small piece of honeycomb.

We injected the honey and ate up the dessert pretty quick. It is quite interesting as to why they would use syringe to contain the honey but i think its kinda different from the rest. The syringe is a one time usage but i believe some customers would like to bring them back for souvenir?  

If you think that this is not special enough, they have another attraction.

Kit Kat the Cat

When we entered Honeycomb, the cat wasn't on the bench, it must be strolling around the street before going home. Initially i though the cat eats kit kat but its actually not haha. 

Kit kat doesn't bother me much even though i was taking its picture all the way. I guess it doesn't like to be disturbed.

If you happen to be around Bugis, you can visit this place after a nice brunch with your friends at

30 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866
Tel: 98007628

Operating hours
Mon - Sun : 12:00pm - 10:00pm

Signing off~~

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