Weekend + Viewing of Shangri La Hotel Wedding Venue

I was slightly more busy these days which might have explained my low blogging frequency.
Let me recap my last weekend!


It was mid week and I had the sudden urge to do my nails. I have not been doing my nails since July and they were not well kept. Three of my nails were broken due to work and i was really sad about it. Joycelynn (my manicurist ) put me on waiting list as her slots were full till end of December. Luckily, one of her customers couldn't make it on Wed night and i was able to take her slot! Happily, i ended work at 6pm and rush to Tampines. Due to bad traffic, i was late for 10 minutes!!

And immediately, she started the manicure session.

Can you idenify the three fake nails?

After 1.5 hours, my nails were nicely decorated and tada!!

Nice right!!

By the time my nails were done, It was reaching 8.30pm. I reached home at about 9.30pm and had my dinner. 


Love and I were chilling our Saturday at Shuffle Bistro as we love bars with live band drumming mandarin songs. We were checking out several bistro and there was another one call "Switch'. As Switch live band only begin at 9.30pm, we decided to go back Shuffle again.

Thanks love for the lovely photo.

We ordered Churros (Not bad ) and Hawaiian Pizza.

The Churros was good actually !

During that night, there was a special guest from Superstar. He is.... Aedan Kang 江韩文. I was really happy and shocked (I support him more than the Alfred Sim). He sang 2 songs that night. I have to say that he can really sing!

While listening to the live band, i was indulging in my Somersby Apple Cidar.

One is not enough, i had another round of Moscato after wards.

My happy love


On Sunday, Linda and i were packing clothes for the flea market this Sunday. We had collected 100 over clothes in total, excluding some from our relatives. After packing some clothes, we followed Linda and Xiong's Bro to Shangri-La hotel to view their ballroom.

Here are some photos
Xiong and I tagged along !!

They kinda like had a blue theme on that day but overall the ballroom looked really grand. It could easily host up to more than 50 tables. But the price of each table was expensive. Unless you can afford more than $2k per table, you can consider this hotel

The lady was nice enough to show us the solemnization place too.

The place for solemnization is at Pavilion. According to the wedding coordinator, she mentioned that this place was renovated. The lightnings and decorations were value added and overall they add elegance and luxury to the room.  

Can you imagine how beautiful it is?

The outdoor allows the solemnisation and BBQ. If it rains, the whole event could be moved indoor.

The lobby area

Pretty isn't it?!

Work harder so that you can afford to hold your solemnization in this place :X



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