Preparing Flea at Lucky Plaza this weekend

Another blog post for today! Linda and i had been preparing hard for our Flea at Lucky Plaza this weekend. We had lots of good quality clothing to clear at $5 each and top and bottom at $3. The both of us had a total of more 100 clothing? But 60% comes from her haha!

Flea Market 

Totally brand new!

Bought but never wear before

$5 ! Good quality ok!

Bought but never wear before again!

Pastel purple

Totally new !

These are just some clothes. There are far more better looking clothes for our flea! I had also prepared some other gifts for customer who buy more. 

From Sephora! 

And special thanks to Linda who prepared the cardboard for our Flea!

Photo credits to her! (Our pretty Lady Boss!)

So everyone, please come to the Flea market this Sunday from 1pm to 7pm to support us!!

Pray we have business this weekend !!

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