Batam Day 2 [Mustika Ratu Batam]

My second day in Batam was a relax one.

Bad enough, I did not have a good rest the night before and I woke up early to the sound of the chirping birds. From time to time, I tried chasing them away but they would always fly back to the balcony, chirping away. It wasn't a good day to start. I waited 3 hours for Xiong to wake up before breakfast. He is just someone who can sleep peacefully despite any noises. Meantime, I was packing my stuffs, tossing and turning on bed and watching TV. Once a while I would wake him up but after a moment later, he was back to his beauty sleep.


How was he able to block out those noises?

Anyway, that three hours passed like a night and finally he was awake. As breakfast was 6am - 10am, we went to the lobby at 9am to fill our stomachs.

Breakfast was so-so so we didn't stay long. There was a long queue for egg omelette and the foods station were almost empty. The cafe was crowded and noisy; tables were not cleared and we had to squeezed through the crowd to get our food. Not a place i would stay long.

We went back to hotel to watch the replay of  中国好声音3 on Channel 8.

Waiting for our shuttle bus

 At 1.30pm, we went to the lobby to catch the hotel shuttle bus to Nagoya. Our spa appointment was at 2.30pm at Mustika Ratu Batam.

The spa salon was located near Nagoya. If you are unsure how to go there, you can always ask the drive to bring you there (like what we did). 

The salon looks clean and comfortable. There were customers doing manicure and hair. Xiong and I had booked an appointment for body massage and spa for Aroma Slimming & Anti Cellulite consisting of coffee body scrub, body massage, seaweed body wrap and hydro bath. It was an 2hr 30 minutes relaxing experience and we leave the hands to the masseur.
The waiting area

Toilet is very clean 

The price for the package was Rp 1,188,000 , which is about SGD120 for 2. Isn't it cheap?! You can visit the website for more info. 

I had took a photo on the price list too. You may take them as reference.

Feeling hungry after the massage, we walked back to Nagoya and had A&W for dinner.

And we ended day 2 of Batam trip. 

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