Lunch at First Thai Food

Our company celebrates TGIF every week by bringing employees out for lunch. It is always the day when I will look forward to the food outside Ubi Area.

This time, my colleague recommended us to go to:

First Thai Food

It was my first time here.

I am actually not a big fan of Thai food but after trying this, i never knew that Thai Food could be so delicious. The taste is far better than those Thai food you had in restaurants. As we were early, the shop was rather empty.

The coffee house was decorated with  paintings and some pictures of old singers. Very vintage. I felt like i was in Bangkok :X  While filling up the order chit, i could smell the fragrance of some chicken from the table behind us.*Mouth-watering* 

The dishes were served pretty fast and these were what we had:


Papaya Salad *Good try*

Pandan Chicken * Best Dish*
Seafood Fried Rice * My Fave *

Tom Yum Soup *Shiok*

Olice Rice

Kang Kong

Lemon Chicken * My Fave * 

Sambal Fish *Good try*

Red Ruby, Durian and Mango stick rice * Worth eating*

We ordered about 10 dishes in total. I must really say that the all of the dishes i ordered above were excellently delicious. If you don't believe, you gotta try it!

According to my colleague, this place is always crowded during dinner.
Operating hours

Price were reasonable and the total bill was about $120 for the 5 hungry people.

Locate them at:
23 Purvis Street
Bugis, Bras Brash, City Hall
Singapore 188600

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