Visit at 2 Degree Art Museum

The inaugural Ice Art exhibition comes to town! Featuring more than 30 ice sculptures carved by ice artist from Harbin, an ice bar and even a children's playground-made from ice as well of course-this is set to be a treat for adults and kids alike... 

Welcome to the 

It is here again!! It was my first visit to ice museum last weekend. I was excited as i had never experience temperature of below 0 degree, much to say less -15 Degree Celsius in this cold room. Surely, it is something new to me (at least).
I get to enjoy a temperature of -15 degree without spending expensive air ticket to Harbin. Thanks to my love, i was forced to wear long pants as they did not provide outer wear for bottoms (luckily!). We were only provided with basic winter wear which covered you up till 3/4 of your body.  

Dressing up

Colorful insulated wear

We were also given pink gloves (only one colour!).

And so we entered into the massive refrigerator... ...

When we entered, the boys began molesting the status... ... 

Can you see what it is?! In case you thought it was a block of ice, it is actually Singapore symbolic icon: Merlion. Can you see ?! 

Still can't see the merlion?!

Ok, this is the eiffel tower. 

四面佛 from Thailand

Love in Paris


There was also a mini playground where all adults became kids again. You can have snowball fight, mini winter sledge and ice slide.


Xiong and I were trying hard to kick the start point.

Say cheese!

After playing around, we went almost immediately to the exit as I was almost frozen. By then, i felt numbness below my feet and the tip of my fingers. 

How amazing they can press their face and feet against the ice wall. *brrrr*

The exhibition was very small as we completed the walk in almost less than an hour. We were also partially driven out of museum due to the temperature. After leaving the place, my camera, bag were condensed; Xiong's shoe got wet as well. My ankles were also wet as they were not covered. Well, condenses. 

We were also entitled to have a drink... inside the cold room again. With a new set of winter wear, we walked in again.

Our cups were made of ice : Ice mug. With my green tea filled within. Although my green tea was kept in the ice mug, the tea wasn't cold at all, neither the green tea was frozen.  

Ice chairs, ice tables , 冷死我了!

And finally, a group photo again!

We continued to have beer outside the cold room.

Dester Beer!

Thanks to the condensation, the photo look romantic and dreamy.

After finishing the 2 beer towers, Xiong was like a walking tomato with such red shot eyes that i thought that he fell off any time. 

Humpty Dumpty finally got home safely with the help of king's man. 

2 Degree Ice Art 

Sheares Link
Address: Bayfront Ave

Date: 30 Nov 2013 - 15 May 2014  

Price: $26 - $32
Open !0am - 10pm daily


Boss and Xiong

The girls!

Had my pad thai at  


After the dinner,

Thanks Boss!


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