Chill out @ Ice Cube (Serangoon Garden)

Saw this review from ladyironchef and decided to check it out.

Ice Cube Cafe

This cafe is located at Serangoon Garden. They served western food, snacks, and of course ice cream! Their ice cream were not that expensive (in my opinion).

As we were not hungry, we ordered a platter of fried food~~


They have nuggets, fish nuggets, calamari, drumstick, prawn tempura. The serving is meant for 2-3 people (pretty fulling for the both of us). 

I like the fish nuggets :P The drumstick taste like the ones from McDonald haha.

And best of all, i am there for

Oreo Mud pie!

Take a closer look.

The oreo ice cream was cut into a square shape, sprinkled with oreo crust, koko crunch, chocolate syrup and also, a thin crust of biscuits below the ice cream! 

Oh! So sinful 

But i like! :D

Can never get enough  mud pie~

Though this mud pie is a simple creation of foods that are commonly found in typical supermarket, but i think i will still be going back for more as i am such a lazy to make one on my own.


11 Kensington Park Road
Serangoon Garden Estate
Singapore 557263
Tel: 6282 8126

Operating hours:

Monday to Thursday: 4pm – 1am
Friday to Saturday: 4pm - 2am
Sunday & Public Holidays: 2pm – 1am 

For friends who would like to chill out during the night, you may want to visit this cosy cafe!

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