3rd & 4th Day of Taiwan in Kaohsiung

I shall keep this post short and sweet.

This day, we woke up early in the morning and had our breakfast in Garden Villa Hotel. The buffet was pretty good and all of us filled up our stomachs before setting off to Tomato Farm! Our nice coordinator brought us all the way up to Mei Nong.

Mei Nong is a beautiful place. It reminds my boss of his olden days in Kampung. It was about 45 minutes drive away from the city. There were no modern buildings, no fanciful cars or luxurious gimmicks in that area. We saw all kinds of farms over there: Banana plantation, cabbage plantation etc.

I just love this place. It was so comfortable, quiet and peaceful. The weather was sunny yet cooling. For people who want to avoid the city area, you may want to consider Mei Nong.

Finally, we reached the Tomato Farm! 

I was getting excited because i had never picked any kinds of fruits in my life. It was my first time >.< And what amuses me was that the tomatoes are  orange! Where in Singapore could you see orange tomatoes?! 

So.... all of us crowd around the instructor while she explained the process of plucking the tomatoes. At the same time, we are allowed to eat the tomatoes while plucking! Luxurious! We were guided into the farm started taking our photos first :X 

The route to plucking tomatoes

Pluck the orange and not the green ones!

Yea me!

The pretty tomatoes!

Our pretty taiwan colleague and her favorite tomatoes

Pluck cabbage home?

After collecting our tomaotes, we weigh and paid for the tomatoes accordingly. In the afternoon, we were brought to the nearby education farm to learn about 擂茶. The educator is a passionate lecturer who teaches the making of 擂茶 to students and tourists. 

On the way to the lesson...
I am plucking something again :X

I finally got you reddish!

My lovely sunflower!!

The ingredients to making 擂茶

Grind the various seeds together. 

Making of the mua chi! Using 罗米饭 to beat them to pulp!

My Mua Chi!

Our afternoon ended pretty fast and all of us went back to hotel to dress up for the night! We had 1 hour to get ready.

As it was cold, i wore my sneakers to their year end party.

Our very pretty coordinator! Nice and efficient lady! 

We were late for the party due to some delays. When we entered, we realized that there were about 10 tables.... and worst of all, our table were at the front of the stage. The few of us scuttled through the tables and quietly went to our seats. We started drinking through the night... ...

And drink again... ...

until we are....

So red....

and drunk... Why am i doing such weird stuffs...

Adding more drunkard kakis inside....


After the drinking session, i can still manage to go to the night market once more to shop for our last minute items. Steady right?!

As we were leaving for the next day, we had our things packed up and rushed to the airport. We had to take a cab to HSR station and catch the train at 9.30pm. As our flight was 2.30m, there was no time to waste. We were rushing everywhere we went. There were no photos taken at all :(


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