December- the last of 2013

After i came back from Taiwan, there were lots of activities waiting for me.

1) Tee Peng's and Jasmine's 24th birthday.

The December babies. When others are just getting 25 soon, they had just turned 24 only. During the weekend, i stayed over Tee Peng's house as we celebrated his 24th birthday. He is a lucky man as he had Grace to bake his birthday cake:

Happy boy

Cut cake time!

The drinking game started very soon and i .... started drinking again.. I never had so much alcohol in my life. Dear had the most and he was almost KO at 2am. I accompanied him while the rest continued. At 3am, i heard a vomiting sound from the toilet. Good luck to Yang Ann.

2) Jasmine Birthday

My youngest babe gets to enjoy more of her youth as she turns 24 only on the 19 December. As usual, we would meet up for brunch and started our girls' talk. We went to Lola's CAfe @ Kovan

As we do not allow any reservation, we could only waited to enter the cafe. Overall, we waited about an hour for our table. However, the brunch was good and affordable. 

It was really nice!

To find time together was somehow difficult for us as we had commitments. 

My babes!

The birthday girl

3) My loots and christmas present

Things  bought from Taiwan

My christmas present from my cousin!

3) Boy meet up

Every year, we will always have a mini boy meet up for christmas. This year, the boys met up for dinner st the Standing Sushi. It is located at Bras Basah. The early comers:

The king is always late

As it Christmas, we had log cake to celebrate this day.

After having dinner, we dropped by TCC to have the log cake. During midnight, we went to Play Nation to play Nintendo till late... ...


Sorry hon, *cleaning off the lipstick marks on his face*

Signing off here

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