My Sis wedding on 19 Oct 2013

And yes, it was 19 Oct 2013. I was very busy on this day, being the bridesmaid. My sis had appointed me, Esther and Jia wen to be the bridesmaids for her day. We woke up at 4.30am in the early early morning, shifting the furniture and tables around the living room, making space for tea ceremony. I got my make up dome at 6.30am and food preparation at 7 am.

WE had prepared some games for my brother in law:

Activity 1

Answer 15 questions. Each wrong answer follows by a punishment.  酸甜苦辣. As i did not have enough time to take any photos, i assigned my brother to be the camera man for the day. Darren reached our house at 7.45am, late for 15 minutes, giving us less time to play him and his brothers. His brother turned up in white shirt with pink bow. They looked kinda cute >.<  And the game goes... ...

My brother in law got quite a few questions wrong. His brother took in all the food prepared by us. I believed the foods tasted okay as they say the foods were nice o.o Come on, its the bride who saved your lives!

Activity 2,

Using straws to 拼 19-10-13.

It was very easy, providing them with the necessary tools. Within few minutes, they had completed their mission but as time was running out, we had no choice but to provide them with the key. It was a pretty simple gate crashing.

But before he entered the room, he had to read aloud the contract:

After everything ended., he opened the door... ... Finding his bride was kinda easy for him though hehe.

After that, my sis and brother in law prayed to our ancestors, telling my great grandparents that he is marrying my sister and hoping they would have their blessing. Then, it was time for Tea Ceremony. My aunties and uncles took turns to be served while I stand their helping my sister to collect ang baos. However, my sister received lots of gold instead of ang baos. The Tea Ceremony ended very quick as my family is small. 

My family!

My 4th uncle family!

The Wangs

With the Hans

All of us!
So, we began leaving home at 9am. We were on time! I sat the brothers' car to punggol as the newly wedded couple needed to go to drop by the temple before moving on to brother in law house. Meantime, my love was appointed to collect roast pig on brother in law instruction. After a while, we had finally reached his house.

His house was so lively and packed with people. His family is really huge. My brother in law told me: Mei, what you see is only half of my family.

I was shocked.

I had almost no place to stand.

Oh anyway, they began tea ceremony after his mum prayed to their ancestors. Then Tea ceremony began... ... To what i notice, their family gave all ang baos instead of gold. When the tea ceremony was over, the kids lined up to receive ang baos from them...

Getting out of the car

Preparing the Tea

First tea to be served to ah ma

Brother in law parents

While they were having tea ceremony, my cousins and I were outside eating the Jumbo buffet. We were so hungry because we did not had anything in the morning. That was our only free time!

I brought some food to my sis as she was quite hungry too. Her gown made her kinda immobile.

Their new room!
It was a short rest before we set out to go home again. The brother carried the heavy roasted pigs well to our house. Though i do not understand the meaning of this, i guess it is some kind of must-thing to do.

The boys carrying the roasted pig.
Somehow the weather wasn't shining us. When we walked out of the lift, It was raining heavily. Perhaps it was a flash rain. It ended very quickly. I sat on dear's car going home. On our way home, he had a bad stomachache. He was tolerating the pain until he reach my house carpark.

As they came back only for a while, we did not manage to take many photos.

At the dinner, my mum and i had to reached the hotel at 4.00pm. Due to some delay, we were only there at 4.30pm.  Brother's in law's mum and sis were already doing their make up. Mum and i were waiting for thei turn. Meantime, their grandmother entertained us.

When my makeup was done, I looked like this:

My makeup

My hair

And with my love.

My mum

My dad wasn't around so he was out of the picture. I sat at the receptionist, guiding the guests to their seats and asking them if they needed any parking complimentary. It was rather a challenging task to be at the recept. Some guests came without their names as my sister had missed them out. very sorry to those guys!
Photo of the day

After the dinner, all ends well and we went home. My sister will be stay with their in-laws from now on. I definitely missed her as much as my family does. May she and brother in law stay blissful forever!

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