Go- Cart in Johor (Plentong Karting Circuit)

It doesn't feel good when technology died on me after i typed a long post.

I am getting more workload as more business coming to us. The 9-6pm happy hours are already over when business expand. There are definitely more to add ......

October is a month of busy-ness as my beloved sis is getting married next weekend. There are lots of things to do but we haven get anything done yet. My room is very much still in a mess with things piling up everywhere. Hope that my off day can do some wonders but i doubt it would change much.
Weekend was over pretty quick and let me re-cap the weekend...

Saturday was a fine good day as i had agreed to go jb with dear and his colleagues. In the wee hour, i meant 6.30am, dear woke me up, telling me to get changed as we need to leave at 7.30am. I was good and i got prepared by 7.15an. However, the weather was very nasty to us. It rained so heavily that we thought that most of the activity had to be cancelled.

We were punctual at the meeting place where his colleague picked us up from the bustop. His colleague,ah heng, drove us and colleagues to JB. There were a total of  29 people on 4 separate cars going to the same place. It took about 45 minutes to clear the custom. It was considered fast according to ah heng.

We met the rest at shell petrol station before going to have bak tuk teh at soon fa. Our brunch was yummy and satisfying. Then, we headed to our 2nd destination: Go-Cart.

The go cart was located somewhere quite very off the city as we needed to pass by the platation. The 4 cars winded through the small bumpy road, travelling at only 30km/h. There were stones, pitholes, cows and abandoned houses. It was quite a sight.

After the long treacherous road, we finally reached the place.

The price for each adult is RM35 for 10 minutes ride. It was so cheap! Imagine they charged playing the price of $35 in Singapore dollar per adult. The circuit was bigger and challenging.

Dear played 2 rounds of it as i know he quite like it. As for me, im not up again because it was my second day of menses.

If you are interested, this is the place:  Plentong Karting Circuit Lot 1195 Jalan Bunga Matahari Taman Plentong Bahru Johor Bahru.

It is worth to visit again!

After playing a few rounds, we decided to leave for another place:  paintball.

We grabbed some pau on the way and were ready to go to the battlefield. 

The boys came well prepared, with their gears and uniform on. They were like so ever ready to play this game and get bruised. All off them took their guns and load bullets like a pro.

And me?! I sat there with May and Candy to look after the things. It was quite a good experience feeding blood to the mosquitos. Haha!

The guys came back with paints splattered at their helmet and some welcomed brusies. 

After few hours of play, they returned their gears and went for a bath near the battlefield. It was refreshing after the bath! A day ended with dinner at cedar point and off we returned to sin!

The next day was kinda slow as i accompanied my sis to her trail make up.

Adding 2 layers of fake eyelashes had made her eye electrifying. I should try putting 2 layers of eyelashes too!!

I will try that one day!!

Signing off!


  1. Hi Elvina,

    I'm also going to play go kart at plentong and also looking for paintball activity after that. Do you mind telling me, where did you guys go for the paintball activity :D


    1. Dear Heidi,

      Thanks for reading my blog! However, I am very sorry as i couldn't tell you where it is as i wasn't sure myself (was on the car all along :| ). But perhaps there is one alternative you can try : https://www.facebook.com/pages/AOV-Paintball-Desa-Tebrau/208181879194460 . Hope it helps ^^

      Best Regards