Seoulistic Day 1

Hi guys, I guess its about to keep up my blogging habits. I have been away for a while, putting up my blog post for like 1-2 times a month. But please remember, my blog is still alive.

My Seoul trip was a relaxing one. Love and I went there between 4 March to 10 March. Seoul is freezing cold but it was a good experience. We planned our holiday in March partially because I need to clear my leave by March, also, it's been a while since we had gone for a holiday after my job change.

Seoul Relaxing!

SQ was having a promotion: Two to go during January and Love and I decided to go Seoul as the ticket was about $1,500 for 2 return trips. We booked the tickets, search for accommodation, booked another domestic flight from Busan to Incheo, bought some warm pack and there we were ready for Seoul. We decided to stayed at Myeongdong as it was a bustling area. The hotels in Seoul are fairly above my budget and I decided to search for an apartment in Airbnb. Airbnb offers a good selection of apartment at affordable price (SGD100+ / night) and you get to stay in an apartment yourself. 

Love was excited as it was his maiden flight on SQ. We stayed awake throught the journey as there were many new movies. After watch 2 movies (and some toilet breaks in between), we had finally reached Incheon. Well, the air-stewardess job was to keep passenger busy (asking if we need water, food, help to clear rubbish, in-flight purchases, etc) so that that our journey wouldn't be so boring.

Upon reaching Incheon, we went straight to the bus terminal to purchase the bus ticket, which should take us to Jonggak Station. Our accommodation was at Jonggak Station, a walk able distance from Myeongdong and to Insadong. We waited at the bus top of number 1602. Airbnb owner is a Korean who does speak English and he told us the direction to his apartment. Oh ya, and if you were wondering why we did not bought any SIM card or Data card, Here's why: We felt that their SIM card was really expensive and uncalled for since you an easily tap Wifi at almost any start bucks or restaurant. They do have good wifi connection. Moreover, the owner at Airbnb does provide portable wifi, therefore, all the more we felt that there isn't any need to have one. So you see why I chose Airbnb instead of hotel.

The bus ride was about 1 hr 30 minutes. As we had communication barrier, love and I alighted the wrong stop and the bus driver couldn't care less if we have alighted the correct stop despite me asking. He was showing his: Damned, please stop asking me questions and move off! expression and I knew that he was not helping at all. In the end, we had to drag our luggage 1 bus stop away before we reached our apartment. 

Amazingly, Seoul doesn't have lots of escalator or lifts around and you have to walk everywhere by stairs. Even the elderly are not spared from taking the flight of stairs. They do have lifts but it was way too far and inconvenient. With the luggage, Love and I walked up and down the stairs with 10kg on hand and sweating internally even though the weather was a cooling temperature at about 11~15 degree. Now you see why the Koreans are so healthy.

Finally, we had reached our apartment.

The apartment is clean and cosy which could house 2-3 people. It comes with the basic necessity such as toilet rolls, washing machines, utilentils, fridge, iron etc. We rested for about 30 minutes before leaving the apartment to N. Seoul Tower. 

We walked past the bustling eateries and made our way to the Metro.

The Metro was never crowded like what we experience in Singapore.

We had our dinner at Two Two Chicken. To go there, go to Myeongdong Station, Exit 3. Once you exit, you can see the restaurant.

We ordered the chicken, french fries and a pint beer. The potion was big and expensive.
If we  had ordered one plate less, it would be enough for us.

Dinner was good, gulping down the beer with fried chicken, keeping my body warm was the best thing after landed in Korea. The weather was still freaking cold in March which it shouldn't have. With a heavy stomach, we carried our legs up to the N. Seoul Tower to purchase the cable car tickets. 

Bought the tickets to take the cable car up to N. Seoul Tower.

It was indeed a bird eye view of Seoul. You can see traffic congestion at some lanes and some of the lights in the office buildings are still on. 

At N. Seoul Tower, you can buy the locks and pledge your love before leaving the keys in the letterbox nearby.

He must be thinking what to write 

You can buy the locks from the nearby convenient store  which sell foods.

Shag face.

After exploring N. Seoul Tower, we went indoor to get some warmth as the weather was seriously freezing cold. 

We grabbed a cup of coffee and head home after that. 

And  upload a photo of both of us before signing off

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