Linda and Chris Wedding 30.04.2016

I was stuck at My Seoulisic post at Day 1 since weeks ago and right now I am no where doing any update. I was busy. Really busy with many stuffs and when I have some time for myself, all I want to do is to be crouch potato. Just last 2 weeks ago, Love was busy with his brother's wedding.

First and foremost, a big congratulations to Linda and Chris! They have finally married after 8-9 years of dating. 8-9 years! That's very long alright! Me and Xiong were only together for about 3-4 years? And we are getting married next year.
Alright, back to topic. I woke up to early morning on that Saturday morning, got myself prepared and Xiong drove me to bride's house before making his way to his brother's house in Punggol. I was her bride of honour and I should be pretty busy that day haha. I mended her nails while she was doing her make up.

Credits to the Bride!

The make up artist from Whitelink, Sammi got her beautifully make up for the day. After a good 2 hours, the make up and hair-do is done. Meanwhile, the sisters were busy setting up and preparing last minute decor for the gate crash. Also, helping each other to put on the corsages and pretty headband for the sister! As we were all looking damned great in the morning, we were taking selfies and more selfies!
Me and Selina.

Introducing the rest of the sisters:
The rest of the sisters: Jing yi , Fiona and Selina.

At 7.50am, the "brothers" finally reached the bride's place. They were spamming horns like nobody business, not afraid to disturb the neighbors' beauty sleep. As all Chinese wedding SOP, there will be a young boy to open the door for the groom, the photographer and videographer would be there to capture the moments, and creating some mini clips for the morning highlights. I wasn't sure if the video shoot was shot without any NGs but that definitely ate into the gatecrash time. After some time, the guys arrived and it's time for GATECRASH!

One of the sister, Fiona, had put in lots of effort in making this gatecrash a success one. She bought lots of decorative stuffs from her highly raved and visited Daiso store. If Daiso were to have a commercial, I would recommend her to be the lead actress. Most of the handicraft props were prepared by her.  * Thumbs up*

The gatecrash was super simple (IMO). We have the usual Sour, Spicy, Bitter and Sweet section. We prepared some funny games for them: For example, waxing their legs while they were biting the lemons. Passing the spicy cuttlefish with their mouth and making them kiss each other on the lips, making the brothers do some yoga pose while drinking the bitter tea with the groom's feeding them blindfolded. It was really fun but all of us were sweating as the weather was really hot. We can feel the merciless heatwave even though we were indoor. Upon entering the house, we made them dance some sexy moves (you know those type we see in K music) to entertain the guests. 

At 9am, we left the bride's place and went over to Groom's house.

The newly wed couple had the Tea Ceremony and the groom's house. As the maid of honour, I was taking note on who and who gave the ang baos and helping them to keep those valuable in the bag. Love's family was really small and the Tea Ceremony ended in just an hour. 

Then, we took some selfie again.

Pardon for my messy hair.

Before going to there, the couples had some photos in the Waterway Point for keepsake.

Ok, this photo was taken my me.

The Waterway Point management was kind enough to off the fountain for them so that the water wouldn't get in their way. At a point of time, they even release the smoke so that the PG and VG could take some amazing photos. 


After finishing the Tea Ceremony ended at the groom's place, we rushed over to the bride's house as we were running out of time.

Tea Ceremony gown. It was really pretty!

Like I say, the weather was so hot that we felt our make-up melting. What's worst was that I felt my nu-bra was slipping off as my body was almost soaked in water. Luckily, it managed to hand on until we reached home at about 1,30pm.

Love and I didn't take much photo together as there was really no time. After the Tea ceremony was over at bride's house, each of us slowly made our way home to prepare our outfit for the wedding dinner.

Pretty bride and us!

We went home and have a short break before dolling ourselves up for the dinner at night. Xiong managed to get a wink (for an hour?) For me, I had to remove my makeup, bathed, ironed our clothes and put on my makeup again. I had no time to waste as we had to be there at about 4.30pm for the briefing from the banquet manager.

Finally a photo together.

At 5pm, all of the banquet staffs were getting busy laying out the utensils, testing out the AV system and making sure everything is well and working for the dinner. Their vendor, Imperfections were also there to lay out the decorations at the reception table. 

The LOVE was so big and Xiong and there were many people posting with the letters.

They had this mini Eiffel Tower but i did not take a photo of it. And the angbao box was the 囍 letter. Really cute! The changing room was just behind the banquet, arranged by MBS. The couples need not walk all the way to their hotel room to get changed for their 2nd march in. For their convenience, a partition room was done up next to the dinner. Near 6pm, the guests were slowly streaming in and all of them started to fill up the reception area. After her makeup was done, the both of us walked out from the changing room .... and were shock to see the number of people who were already there.

But there is no time to waste. The moment the pretty bride appeared at the reception, all the relatives and friends came forward to congratulate her, shaking hands, hugging her and taking photos. It is a joyous event, seeing all the guests coming together to celebrate this once in a life time event. While me, trying to grab her gown train in case anyone accidentally stepped on it or if being hooked on any wire. Well, I think I'm good at it. 

At 7.30pm, the reception was so crowded that we felt that it was time to open the ballroom. They have almost 99% of full attendance (Not sure if anyone did not attend their wedding). The whole wedding went pretty well and without hiccups.

Showing the groom's brothers. 

Bride and groom

Groom's family

I tried to zoom in as much as I can. This is the best my phone can go

Credits to Ah Kim 

Credit to Xiong's relatives.. not sure who is the owner of this photo.

It was sure a fun and tiring day for the newly wed. Counting down to our wedding, we left like erm... 7 months to our Big day? I felt that I am taking my time slow and wasn't thinking anything on what we should be preparing. However, at least we are hunting for a wedding band now...

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